Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dieter and Yorkshire Airlines.

Dieter and I in the back of Allen's Citroen the other week - there being too many people for him to fire up his other vehicle, the awesome Maserati 4200 Cambio Corsa supercar. Dieter, for all his unfortunate expression in this photo, has a brain the size of a planet and immense talent; he is an all round good egg and a proper Chap (even if he cannot remember his own Email address!) A great loss to the UK, and a boon to Australia. You can see photos from my Flickr photo album here.

I see from today's Times that the Government plan to ask the size of people's incomes during the the next census in 2011; they will get the same reply from me that a marketing person in a shiny suit in front of a flash advertising hoarding at Watford Junction station got from me this afternoon. I walked into the station concourse, on my way back from the Watford office to go and see my dad in the nursing home as I do every day, when I was accosted by a man asking "How much do you pay when you go to visit your dentist?" My reflex reply was "What the f*ck's it got to do with you?" and then walked off. Tosser.

Another archive comedy clip - normally I cannot abide Hale and Pace, but this little sketch hit all of the right buttons with me - see what you think.

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