Sunday, January 14, 2007

The mighty Kebab.

I went for a walk early this afternoon, and when I got to the roundabout at the end of my road (where there is a KFC drive through on one side, and a McDonald's on the other) I was slightly surprised to see a couple of fire engines outside of the McDonald's. It looked like they must have had some small fire; suffice to say the place did not burn down. I'm not going to jump on the Maccy D's slagging off campaign - that would be lazy. I don't hate corporate fast food per se. I just find that McDonald's food is uninspired and BLAND. You can guarantee anything they describe as "spicy" will be nothing at all like that. In the seven or so years the branch with the golden arches has been located in my road, I think I have been in there four times in total. The KFC has been open for around eighteen months, and I have only crossed the threshold once - in order to buy a couple of mini corn on the cobs for Shirley, who is addicted to them (at least they are healthy!)

If I do eat fast food, I try to frequent family run places, like my local fish and chip shop (only a few paces away from the KFC, but it does not seem to have hurt trade). One thing I love, but only eat a couple of times a year is the mighty 'Bab - a shish or kofte kebab is a thing of beauty, and not bad for you if eaten in moderation. Lean grilled lamb, shredded raw vegetables and unleavened bread. Lovely. There is a great website praising all things kebab called The Chilli Source.

Here's a great bit on kebab photographs from Bill Bailey:

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  1. You are the Kebab KING!

    Fortunately/unfortunately I have a kebab shop down my road & a wife who thinks cooking is something that happens to other people & who also thinks salt is "too spicy" so I quite often end up having a lemon juice drenched, small Donner with extra salad (so much extra that the cabbage out weighs the meat..YUM!) at least once a week but YOU and the meaty-munchable-after-pub staple are forever interlinked, you have a looong history!
    How about the fact that from the age of 20 odd to 30 you seemingly lived off the things (well it's the only thing I ever saw you eating/talked about eating but then as we were usually on the way home from the pub it's not too surprising really, working on that assumption though the only thing you ever drank was Beer...hang on now THAT probably IS true!) how about the fact you were give a HUGE old sweet jar (cleaned out of course!) of fresh homemade chilli sauce as a Birthday present from the local 'Bab shop once and I'm sure I remember you DRINKING the stuff straight from the jar or that you used to get freebies as at the time you were one of the first people in the mid eighties to have a mobile & the staff thought you were CID or summat whenever you went in there "FOR YOU NO CHARGE!"...or the fact we drove 15 odd miles just to visit a specific kebab shop, then drove home again.
    The stories are endless.

    Now I like fast food, hell i just like food, think it stems from the fact i had real problems eating as a kid and wouldn't touch ANYTHING apart from boiled eggs and Marmite till I was about 8 but agree the Golden Tit's of America (think about the "M" turned upside down and the world suckling on them) is bland as BLAND can be. Although their basic cheeseburger or double cheese hits the spot.
    KFC is my weapon of choice must admit.
    I know fast food is bad,
    Hugh, if Shirley likes sweetcorn buy the vacuumed packed corn cobs from Morries they are really nice and will outlast a nuclear war, the rise of the Cockroach empire, the Cockroach/Ant wars and the sun finally extinguishing and still be ready and tasty after being micro-zapped for 2 minutes.
    I would quickly take the chance to recommend the Pie & Mash shop in Belvedere, I've been eating Pie & Mash since I was a baby from 1800's Victorian marble topped be-mirrored establishments to 1980's "barra boy" Formica covered sit-in's and his is the best you will get. Can't remember the shop name as we just call it "Pie-man's", (AHHHHH the joys of having a 3 year old!) but if you ever fancy a taste of one of the few authentic London dishes apart from Chicken Tikka masala try Double Pie & Mash with plenty of salt and vinegar.

    Liked the Bill Bailey sketch although I think his recent stage stuff is abit too surreal to be funny but i do like him. His Doctor Who theme tune played in a "1920 Parisian cafe style" is, even if your not a fan bloody funny.

    Damn i want a kebab now!