Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rush at Wembley Arena.

It is now 3.25 on Thursday morning and I really ought to be in my bed. I got back from Wembley Arena courtesy of a tube train to Baker Street and then a black cab to my front door due to some networking by Alan and Debbie - and the £65 cab fare cost us not a jot. Excellent stuff! I got home just before 1am and have since been uploading the photos from my battery eating compact Sony W7 camera onto my Flickr site here. I wish I could have taken my Nikon D200, as the results would have been somewhat better than what is now on offer.

Anyway - what was the gig like? I think I will upload another post after I have slept on it, but overall very good. All three band members are SERIOUS musicians and played a varied set that perhaps dug a little too deep into their new material, rather than balancing the crowd pleasers with the promotional stuff. More details soon. I need my bed...

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like fun!
    Look forward to the review!
    Whats Geddy Lee got as speaker stacks? Their either lit up or ment to be something its difficult to see in the pictures.