Thursday, September 07, 2006

Internet Exploder - the curse of Satan's pool boy.

If you have been mystified by the sometimes unpredictably strange layout, disappearing entry headlines and variable font sizes that have been appearing in this Blog, then you have almost certainly been viewing it using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 - which will be referred to as M$ Internet Exploder from now on. It is an old and outdated piece of buggy software that has a crap rendering engine and does not follow internationally agreed web design standards. My hosting company, Blogger and I are keen on people using the free and open source FireFox browser. The old Maggot Sandwich looks fine and dandy when viewed with it; you can also use Opera, Safari or Konqueror. Anything other than IE6 in essence. If a web browser was a bodily function, IE6 would be followed down the pan accompanied by a liberal wad of Kleenex.

I am led to believe that Micro$oft are releasing Internet Exploder 7 soon. Big deal. It is one more than 6 I suppose. I only use M$ products when at work, and that is only because I am being paid to do so. Personally I would rather cut off both my legs with a rusty bread knife than use their bug riddled, bloated and intellectually bankrupt software on anything I run at home. Want to get your life back from the constant round of crashes, spyware, anti virus and security updates that affect Windoze PC's on a daily basis? Buy an Apple Mac. If you want to reinvigorate your existing PC hardware, then ask me about the free and open source operating system Linux - okay it used to be difficult and non user friendly, but it has come a huge way in a very short time, and is now as easy to use as Windoze XP but without the security hassles and viruses. Set yourself free and break away from Satan's pool boy - Evil uncle Bill Gates. You know it makes sense!

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  1. Right that's it Pewty I'm sending the boys round!
    Rusty bread knife?
    We'll widdle on your kit then leave you with a 286 on dial up!