Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two legends - One evening.

Ian and I saw "Casino Royale" last night in Bexleyheath. One of the best Bond movies to date, and Daniel Craig is a revelation. Stripped right back to the basics, and following an updated version of the original book; I would highly recommend seeing the movie. One thing we both noticed, in several scenes outside the eponymous Casino car park, you could see a bright red right hand drive Maserati 4200 Cambio Corsa. I wonder if, when he's not flogging Plasma tellies, Allen has a part time job with MI6?

We saw Bexleyheath red in tooth and claw after the movie; walking down the Broadway towards the Robin Hood and Little John, we encountered a platoon of Police and Community Support Officers getting ready for a night of Chav violence and other assorted criminality. After a swift couple of restorative pints of expertly served real ale, Ian and I returned to pick up the bus in the centre of Bexleyheath at just after ten in the evening. We witnessed Police dealing with a bunch of drunken Chavs who had been fighting outside the RSVP bar (a place so Chav infested that an air strike with white phosphorus ordnance is called for). The main road was nose to tail with neon lit Citroen Saxoes and comedy bespoilered Ford Fiestas. The occupants were preening and showing off as though they somehow had something worthy of display. Tossers. I think these small shopping cars are excellent, safe and practical means of transport - your average bloke or girl who needs a runabout would find their needs well met by such a vehicle; when some hair gel encrusted giro scrounging pigeon chested no hoper buys (or steals) one and nails all sort of spoilers and plastic bits onto it and fits a stereo with a higher power output than the weedy engine, they become objects of complete ridicule. One car in the queue drew my attention - a Chap driving a coal black supercharged V8 Jaguar XJ-R - the same model famously driven by Doctor Hannibal Lecter. I had a mental image of the Jaguar driver enjoying sauteed Chav's liver with a good Chateau Mouton Rothschild '87. One can hope.

Today's video clip follows the Chav theme, but with a delightful twist. Apologies for the poor video quality, but this was shot on a mobile telephone - it shows the aftermath of "happy slapping" attack by a slack jawed Northern Monkey Chav on a member of the public. Oooh this one's good...


  1. Serves the fucker right.

    What a cunt.

    Black Jaguar XJ-R = The Sex.
    *drools buckets*

  2. Yeah good night!
    "Two evening!", I like that as a catchphrase (James Bond film, Robin Hood pub LOL).

    See a Saturday evening at the cinema ain't THAT bad! It wasn't too noisy although there was some kids being a pain I found the seats more annoying, mind you it is quite a long film.
    Actualy I found the older bloke sitting behind me in the pub more annoying than the kids in the cinema he kept tapping my chair and his voice really carried and seemed quite unplesant (snobbish, boreish and self-important).
    I must admit that dipshit that was playing up outside RSVP was quite amusing as some woman came out just as we walked to the other bus stop and started to slag him off saying "your a silly little boy who can't handle your drink and ???? says you've got a tiny dick" etc (sadly I missed the rest)and the "poor" bloke was literaly hopping with impotent rage, he reminded me of the end of the Rumplstliskin story where he rages like a spoilt child then puts his foot through the floor and in doing so then rips himself in two. This ugly little spud was screeching like a scalded cat and stamping his feet, I would have loved to stay and watch the Police deal with him but the fact he had about 10 mates with him plus we had to get to another bus stop ment I missed the rest of the "Broadway Floorshow".
    Ah well...

    Really good film though, loved all the Street Jumping stuff, I really wish i could do stuff like that, mind you as a life-long comic book fan it's a case of my inner child jumping up and down saying "SEE! SEE! You could have been like Batman!!"
    One of the most enjoyable films i've seen for awhile! Thought the last 20 min's or so was abit saggy though, it seemed abit tacked on.

    Can't see the video at work so will watch it later at home.

    Those blokes in the Jag' looked like they were bouncers or just plain criminals. Very Sweeny-like.

  3. Watch the video, i recon' it's a set up, it just doesn't ring true to me.
    Hope it was though.

    Saw a similar one awhile ago where someone was filming from a distance the park they were in or the dog playing or something and two Chav's started on a bloke but he was some sorta Kung-Fu expert and resoundly, I mean RESOUNDLY kicked their arses. Roundhouse kicks, throws etc it was like a Steven Segal movie.
    But good.
    Was actually quite painful to watch...mainly cos you laughed so hard you split your sides!