Sunday, December 10, 2006

The man from the Ministry visits.

I had a slightly unusual Sunday afternoon. I had a visit from a Man from the Ministry. Not of Silly Walks (that could have been interesting...) but from the National Centre for Social Research.

It was all to do with getting opinions on matters relating to charities - attitudes towards giving money and time; volunteering and all associated subjects. I got to hold forth on my views on Chuggers (charity muggers), which I have featured here in the past. A very enlightening and constructive use of time.

Here is a veritable video juke box of 1980's music - you can take a time machine back to that decade here.

One singer who is relatively little known in the West, yet who I used to feature quite heavily in my radio shows, is an amazingly talented Israeli woman called Ofra Haza; she died back in 2000; as a tribute I feature her best known track, which was a listener favourite when I was working for Radio Caroline.

I have also included a video clip of 80's icon Miami Vice and the instrumental "Crockett's Theme" by Czech keyboard wizard Jan Hammer for your entertainment.

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  1. Oh no, that was NOT Ofra´s most well known track!

    Temple of Love by The Sisters of Mercy was!!!!! :D