Monday, December 04, 2006


Thanks to a timely telephone call from Ian, I have now located a clip previewing four minutes from the Doctor Who Christmas Special - "The Runaway Bride". It is somewhat dodgy, having been filmed in a preview theatre, but that is part of the charm.

Aside from the fact that I cannot abide Catherine Tate, this looks VERY promising - a car chase down a motorway between a black London cab and the TARDIS. See for yourself...


  1. Haha! Apart from almost imagining the string that holds the Tardis in B-movie style, this looks quite promising. But I would love to have Billy back. Apart from her being a tart, she did make a great companion. :)

  2. "she did make a great companion.." - Hur! Hur! me like Billie to be my companion!
    #nudge, nudge#

    Nah seriously quite cool although Tennent does come acros even MORE Kenneth Williams like with that "Be'ave!" line. Man i would have WET myself if I'd have seen that as a kid. Ain't it funny that I used to be a Whovian but grew into a Trekkie (sad I know but..), never thought I'd go backwards.
    Only 3 weeks to go till the episode airs...
    Oh click on my name for Who (not HUGH, repeat NOT HUGH!) type Adventy-goodness!