Sunday, October 26, 2008

Times change.

I took the photo above on Erith Pier yesterday afternoon; the Pier is one of the nicest parts of Erith, and on a nice day can be an extremely pleasant place to be. You can see more photographs here. The second photo is of my new Asus Eee PC 901 mini netbook PC with a photo of the recently MBE awarded mister Fraser on screen for his sins.

Ian and I met up with the jolly nice chaps from WNKR last Saturday night. Real ale, good company and free radio - nothing could be better, especially since the meet was held in the Robin Hood & Little John.

One thing has been bothering me recently; why do all shoe repairers also cut door keys and the like? What is the affinity between the cobbler and the locksmith? I cannot for the life of me work out why the two professions should be so intimately intertwined. Perhaps someone could illuminate me on the subject?

I know that I get quite a lot of hits on my Blog, but one thing concerns me; other than Ian, I get virtually no - one leaving any form of comment. You don't have to give any ID or otherwise identify yourself if you don't want to - it would be good to hear a bit of feedback; please do not be afraid to click on the the comments link at the bottom of each blog posting to say what you think.

Have you ever wondered what has happened to Dolby? I was pondering the subject last night; in the digital age, just what has happened to the once ubiquitous analogue signal processing system? I remember recording cassette tapes using the highest recording levels I could get away with, to try and avoid using Dolby audio compression. I always preferred a bit of tape hiss over losing some top end high frequency.

Don't forget the clocks go back an hour this day - personally I don't see the point, but there is precious little that I can do about it.

I must admit, I am missing a trip to a Harvester; I know in culinary terms they are nothing special, but I do find them to be a restaurant chain that has consistent quality and nice grub. They were recently awarded the commendation for the chain eatery with the healthiest food. Nice. I also like Nandos, which I admit are little more than a middle class alternative to KFC, but they are both tastier and healthier.

Congratulations go out from me to Shelley after passing her driving test. I would not want to do it myself nowadays.

Here is a video clip which features two things I like; Bill Bailey (the comedian, who some years ago I used to know years ago, when we were both regulars at Pages Bar) and Kraftwerk - see what you think and comment accordingly.


  1. Hugh

    No point soliciting for comments it only scares people off....

  2. er...So let me get this right, your hanging round Erith docks taking photo's?

    In the past couple of weeks since you got your Asus I've suddenly seen them advertised everywhere, admittedly not the Linux version you have but I even saw the really stripped down version (2GB Flash HD, Vista? Something like that) for £190 in Carphone Whorehouse. Thing is can you play games on it and log into Facebook cos I know that's why you got it...!
    My recommendation it use McD's for free wi-fi, I did last week and was really impressed!

    The drink with the WNKR lads was GREAT fun, thoughrly enjoyed myself especially when someone was joking about a bomb and a 20 year old radio transmitter was pulled out of a bag the couple on the next table went white.
    Of course we LOOKED like terrorists, I mean we had facial hair and drank real ale...
    Although I had a good time I did seem to pick up a tummy bug that lasted a whole week. MAY have been that I only had a sandwich to eat all day then had 7 pints but the fact it lasted ALL week has taken the stuffing at me. Must be something to do with that dodgy pub we went to...

    And I totally agree that more people should leave comments, just click on Name/URL and you can either be anonymous or leave a name as I do. The URL is optional as well, go on, speak upon to the Pewty! Or even Comment on my comments.
    Or spelling..

    You know until you mentioned it I hadn't thought about Dolby (or "Doubley" as Jennie in Spinal Tap called it) for years.
    I have seen it on equipment but don't know what areas they moved into, actually thinking about it there's a Doubley symbol on the Sky+ box but not sure why.
    Talking of that I had to take some old recordings from a tape to my PC and BLIMEY talk about HISS and that was AFTER Dolby and recorded on studio equipment AND a decent tape, got my work cut out now to clean it up!

    WTF? I can sorta see what you mean, I used to have a soft spot for them back in the early 90's, used to go with my Mum & Dad. I may have to take a trip at some point too, you've put the idea in my head. Actually last time I went was about a year ago and I watched in mock horror a year old Baby-Rev fought Mrs.ReV' over a chocolate sauce covered ice-cream.
    It wasn't pretty but boy was it messy!

    Let me add my hearty Congrat's for Shelley on passing her driving test.
    Going to be weird thinking of her driving she's so ingrained in my perception of her in the passenger seat!

    Ahhh Bill Bailey, for some reason loath MOST of his stand up but love him in everything else (although I haven't watched Buzzcocks in almost 8 years). Love his version of the Doctor Who theme but reimagined as a smoky Parisian Cafe Jazz amble. Priceless!