Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Maggot Sandwich has a makeover.

Last night I was having a quick saunter through Second Life when I came across the Doctor and the Tardis - click on the photo for a larger version. I was about to investigate further when the host software quit with a bang - a bit like when you get to a good bit in a dream, then you suddenly wake up. The Mac client version of Second Life is incredibly flaky and unreliable. I am not an avid online community user, but I do dabble on the odd occasion. I did have a go on the free trial of World of Warcraft, but I have to admit that I found it repetitive and boring - I personally fail to see the attraction.

You may have notice that the look and feel of my Blog has evolved somewhat recently; in the past I have been very cautious and conservative in respect of making changes to the blog template and settings; historically, Blogger was pretty fragile, and changing things caused stuff to break unpredictably. Nowadays it is much more robust and idiot proof. I have added a graphic to the title element, and changed the title font and colour. The picture is a photo of the River Thames I took from Erith Pier a little while ago. I have also added a box with links to other Blogs I follow. If you revisit the Maggot Sandwich on a regular basis, you may notice that the blog links change order. The nearer to the top of the list a blog is, the more recently it has been updated. You may also notice that the way old blog entries are archived has changed - I have gone for a cleaner, less cluttered look with a new drop down shortcut bar to view old updates. I am keen to form a community of local bloggers and feel that if we all link to each other's online presence, this will make a meaningful start.

Incidentally - I missed something from last weeks' update, so I will make amends now. This is my 201'st blog posting. Amazing - I thought it might be a flash in the pan, but I am still going strong, and more people than ever are reading the Maggot Sandwich. Thanks to one and all.

Erith Swimming baths is now almost completely demolished. I did think about walking round and taking a few photos, but all you can really see is a lot of wooden fencing around the site, and a bloody great pile of rubble. I don't think the council has yet worked out exactly what is going to be built on the site, but with the current dire financial situation, I doubt anything will be constructed for quite some time. A similar situation seems to have occurred in Fraser Road, on the site of the now demolished petrol station. Ground works were started last summer, but the site now seems to be abandoned - quite an eyesore too. Talking of demolition, an enterprising local blogger has begun a campaign to preserve the 1930's Art Deco Co-Op building in Woolwich. You can read more about it here. The building, if preserved, would make an excellent period hotel or spa. You can see a Flickr photo stream dedicated to the building here.

There has been absolutely no activity from GC's night club of late; I am not sure if we have managed to kill off their enterprise, or if the shady organisers are marshaling their forces for counter attack. Time will tell. Updates as I get them. In complete contrast, an organisation that has gone through all of the proper processes and procedures runs a gym in a unit very close to that squatted in by GC's. The Gym is preparing several athletes for the next Olympic Games; you can read all about them here.

As a small child in the 1970's I dimly remember power cuts and the three day week. I always wished it had extended to primary school. What goes around comes around, as is often quoted by unimaginative people; in this case it appears to be true. There is a distinct possibility that I may at some stage in the future have to work a four day week, with a proportional drop in pay. My company are feeling the pinch, as are many - I think it is better to try to ride out the financial storm with shorter working hours, rather than by mass redundancies. I have been considering possible part time ways of making up the shortfall in pay; the more options I consider, the worse they sound. Most jobs that lend themselves to part time working involve service. I really cannot see myself serving customers - especially when one considers the knuckle dragging evolutionary throw backs that make up so much of the local population, besides which, the service industry does not pay nearly enough. No chance of a McJob for me then.

I wonder if the News Shopper want an investigative journalist? I would relish the chance to dig the dirt and stick my size 12 steel toecapped boot in the door of some local scrote fiddling benefits or the like. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

This weeks' video clip is an excerpt from the American version of Antiques Road Show; here they review the Atari 2600 VCS games console - a 70's classic.


  1. Hi Hugh, when did you start using Second Life, how do you find it? I think it can be a bit difficult at the beginning.

  2. Sorry not Commented for abit, been unable to put finger to keyboard.

    Never bothered with on-line gaming myself, maybe cos you I've got a life…#AHEM!# (SORRY ALL YOU WoW drones out there!)
    I dipped my toe in aaages ago (8 years?) by getting my ar$e handed to me on a plate with the original Age Of Empires game, never bothered after that as although interested don't have the time to sit at home in front of a screen pretending things. I'd probably be the biggest geek in the world if I was into it but kids, bands and social life (as well as DIY n' housework) mean it's soooo far down my list of priorities that it's on a different pad.
    Cool to see the Doctor in the "game" though, nice chap, all of them…

    Like the Blog overhall!
    So you could say I overall I quite like the Blog overhall!
    Sorry, just managed to "slip in" the old "Tulips On Your Organ joke" at work (I say, I say, I say what's better than Daffodils on your piano? Tulips on your organ) and I seem to be now stuck in Kenneth Williams mode, FANTABULOSA!
    The Blog's a lot cleaner looking and dare I say it more user friendly? Nice idea to form a community of bloggers (a "blogmunity"? A "ComBlog"??), the only thing I'm not sure of is the picture in the title element. Makes Eriff look quite nice and nautical instead of the (mostly) sinkhole it is.
    And CONGRATS on reaching your 200th post, what's that in Dog years?

    Noticed the Baths are gutted INSIDE but the shell seems to be mostly still standing strangely. The old petrol station site is supposed to be 40+ flats but it's been dragging on for almost 3 years. HOPE it's not built, it's to big for the area.
    As for GC's I've not seen a twitch from it since um…before Christmas. Maybe worth you doing some digging to see if the relevant people have put in proper applications?

    I can JUST about remember power cuts from the 70's but it's scary how quickly a lot of things have folded (WOOLWORTH RIP! Now where am I going to buy Doctor Who figures locally??) and the fact that a company like the one you work for are making restructuring it's well, brown trousers time.
    Mind you I'd quite like a return to the 70's the music was better for a start...and I'm at the age now where I can get away with the "fashions" and look "Retro" instead of "Geography teacher Sado".
    Mind you as I always said you could always only heat one wing of stately Pewty Acres or open your home National Trust stylee' to make your ends meat…or something.
    No, seriously it's shocking but I'm sure you'll be okay mate. Their asking for volunteers so it's not like their forcing you onto you blade.
    Fingers crossed for you.
    Mind you I'd LOVE to see you in a Service Industry job, I'd pish myself laughing. You’ve not got the temperament to deal with Joe Q. Stupid, I mean Public. The money is crap but that’s how we look like we have a healthy economy, everyone looks busy…#mutter, mutter#

    This is where sticking with my job as a Drone in Sector 7G (Simpson's quote there) suddenly looks you know, not so bad…the only certain thing in life is death…and unemployment and The ReV's smiling face!

  3. "Never bothered with on-line gaming myself, maybe cos LIKE you I've got a life…#AHEM!# (SORRY ALL YOU WoW drones out there!)"