Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blink and you will miss it.

Above is a photo of the fairly new apartment block built adjacent to Erith Railway station, and overlooking both the River Thames and the Riverside Gardens. The block was built a couple of years ago to house key workers on a part rent, part buy arrangement. As the block was being assembled (built is probably too strong a word, as it came in prefabricated sections) it did look like a shabby bunch of portacabins precariously stacked on top of each other. Now it is complete and has been occupied for a couple of years, it looks quite impressive. It is nice to be wrong once in a while.

I had a "blink and you will miss it" appearance on TV this week. Obscure satellite channel Brit Hits TV had an evening dedicated to offshore radio (another shameless reference to the forthcoming The Boat that Rocked movie). They showed an amateur video of life aboard the Ross Revenge that was taken mostly in 1983 / 84, but intercut with the bulk of this footage was later material from 1989, featuring yours truly, complete with long hair and beard. How times have changed. I think the footage was taken from this video which used to be available via Offshore Echoes. It is certainly rather obscure.

Dates have now been set for the fourth Bexley Beer Festival - the 16th to the 18th April 2009 at Sidcup Sports Club. Suffice to say that I will be attending, along with a contingent of Pewtysciples on the Friday night.

One thing that absolutely gets my goat, is so completely unnecessary and wasteful of language is the habit certain individuals have of following every pronouncement or comment they make with the mono syllable "Yeah?" They presuppose that those they are addressing are as dense and uncomprehending as themselves, and require confirmation of the reception of their monologue. Only a dull witted gibbon would be so linguistically bankrupt.

I am exceedingly pleased to see that comedy has returned to the Woolwich Tramshed for the first time in many years. I recall seeing a very young Hale and Pace performing there when I was still at school, and also seeing Doctor and the Medics playing there after their huge hit, the cover of Spirit in the Sky, orignally performed by Norman Greenbaum. Details of the new comedy nights at the Woolwich Tramshed can be seen here.

I am glad to see that the campaign to restore and keep an Avro Vulcan jet bomber flying has secured further funding. There was a strong possibility the venture was going to have to close through lack of working capital, but they continue the good work. You can view their website here.

RA 17 photo 3.JPG

Above you can see a photograph of my cherished Racal RA-17L vintage communications receiver which dates from way back in 1964. When it was new, it cost the same as an E-Type Jaguar. It needs some serious surgery, as it is very deaf; I suspect a couple of electrolytic capacitors have gone bad, and it could also need some new valves (tubes to Americans). It is way past my technical ability to repair (these "boat anchor" receivers are notoriously difficult to repair and calibrate). I need to locate a reputable company to bring the beast back into full life. It is years old, and could do with a bit of sympathy; it is so well built and well preserved that a few quid spent on it now should keep it going for another half century or thereabouts.

As I mentioned last week, I have had several people asking me if I could automate the process of notifying readers when the Maggot Sandwich was updated; thusly I added a new Blog element allowing people to subscribe to the Blog as a follower. So far this has not quite worked out as I expected, and so far only one person has joined. If it looks like being a non - starter, I may have a re-think about the whole Blog following thing. Do feel free to drop me a comment via the link below on what you think.

This weeks' video clip is a bit of fun. It is taken from the DVD of "Mail Call" - a TV series shown in the UK on the History Channel. The show is presented by actor and former U.S Marine drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey and explains military history and technology for the lay person. The clip below shows Dragon Skin body armour, currently being issued to U.S forces around the world. The practical test of the effectiveness of this armour is rather persuasive, to say the least.


  1. If people want to know when the blog is updated,just subcribe to the rss or atom feed for the blog.
    If you are using Firefox 3 (which you really should be!) then it's that orange and white symbol in the righthand corner of the address bar.


  2. Or by the subscribe option at the bottom of the blog.


  3. Yeah I must agree I quite like the look of those flats, wouldn't want live or buy one BUT their not a horrible eyesore and even after a couple of years being lived in look okay (something I find new builds fall down on). Do you remember the show home that was across the road from there for about a year or 2? It was a 2/3 story almost glass house, a HUGE 20ft but 20ft glass window so people could see in with a lift and all mod cons. It looked really groovy, a real "TV land" flat but it wasn't practical I suppose and was pulled down once the flats had been sold. It was almost Bond/Bruce Wayne like flat!

    And who TOLD you about that that programme strand was on Hur?
    Was bored while I was busy hallucinating and happened across the whole nights programmes on Sky+. I've got 'em all on DVD now and that video clip of you with a beard* not so much obscure as rare as rocking horse poo!
    Even that explicit video of you, the empty swimming pool, a vat of Swarfega, a wide mouthed frog, nubile young dusky honeys, assorted rubber-tipped power tools and a drinking straw is more widely available in fact…

    Ahh good old Bexley BeerFest.
    We need to get going to all the BeerFest again this year I missed all that last year.
    "Pewtysciples" - Hahaha…great word. And people think I'M self centred!
    Sorry I don't have time to comment further!

    Oh I haven't signed up as I don't have a Google account or anything!

    * - look up the term "Beard" in a slang dictionary….#AHEM!#