Sunday, October 29, 2006

The thoughts of Chairman Arthur - part two.

Sundays come around so quickly at present. The one day I get to veg out indoors and do nothing (as long as you count mowing the lawn and doing laundry as "nothing"). I have rebuilt the home laptop with a brand spanking clean copy of the just released Fedora Core 6 Linux and so far, all seems well.

Mini rant time. Why do newspapers and magazines come stuffed full of advertising flyers and promotional leaflets? Nobody reads them, they are often inconvenient to dispose of, and they use valuable natural resources to boot. It has got so bad that my local Morrison's even has a pedal bin by the magazine racks for you to dump the excess rubbish these leaflets generate. I am not the World's greenest person (if global warming means that Belguim will be under three feet of water, so much the better!) Though I do feel that banning these leaflets, along with the massive numbers of pizza, curry and kebab delivery advertising flyers stuffed unbidden through front doors around the country should be banned - the cumulative saving in paper and energy would be significant.

Ian has come up with a bit of a scoop regarding the next season of Doctor Who - a shot of a new alien race called the Juddoon, who look quite a lot like the Sontarans until they take off their helmets; you can see a Juddoon and Sontaran comparison photo here.

Britons are the most spied upon people in the world - it is official; you can read all about it in a well written Sunday Times article here. It is not just the supposedly forthcoming ID card (a travesty of intrusion and smacking of a totalitarian state) - even things like Oyster cards are used to track you - did you know that every single time you swipe a tube gate or bus pass reader, details of who you are and where you are going are recorded and stored for a minimum of two years, even though this directly contravenes the Data Protection Act? Still, since Oyster was brought in by Comrade Ken Livingstone of the Londonistan cadre, you can tell he is keeping his bloodshot and beady eyes on his first chance to turn London into a Marxist regime.


  1. What´s worse here are the flyers that people give out on the street to advertise clubs, restaurant and bars... people take them and then just throw them away on the FLOOR. Fuckin litter louts. They should do that in their own country but not abroad. Unlike London, at least here we DO have enough bins in the streets.

    Human suck wherever you go. Cats are so much nicer.

  2. Doesn't surprise me the British are the most spied on.
    it's inherent in our nature/society. It's instinctive, you HAVE to see what your neighbour is doing cos if he was doing something "deviant" you could report him. Part of me wants CCTV for the relative safty it can provide the other half of me wants to run butt nekkid down the road wearing a balaclava shouting "I AM NOT A NUMBER YOU FUUUUUUC*ERS!" but then I do have a show off side to my personality.
    If our "justice" system was fairer and transparent then I'm sure people would be better infored and balance so hopefully happier until then everyones mistrustful as the countrys going to hell in a handcart.
    According to the Daily Mail.

    I must admit i've become abit mad on recycling but only on Paper and Plastic (maybe cos thats the only boxes i was given by the council). I get REALLY annoyed when I see people not recycling that sorta stuff BUT not anything else.
    I've torn the labels offa my Recycling bins though as I discovered that the plan was to scan them in to see who was and wasn't recycling and possibly in the future making use of this info to charge you.

    Barbarella I'm SO with you on the cat thing! Mind you the second I can have my brain transplanted into a 8ft tall steel killing machine I shall show "humanity" the error of it's ways..
    Sorry reading this book at the mo':