Sunday, November 19, 2006

Insulated mugs and Keisha.

Don't believe the date at the top of this posting; it records the time when the article was started, not when it was finally posted for the World to read; it is now Tuesday evening - I have sat on this post for a couple of days due to a) being busy, and b) not having enough content to make a worthwhile and interesting read.

Yesterday (Monday) I saw Keisha Buchanan (photo above) of the Sugarbabes as I was walking to the tube station from my office in Blackfriars Road. She is tiny.

Micro$oft Windoze Vista to launch "any day now" - well, apart from the fact that it is catestrophically late, it has no relevance for me personally. I have not looked at any of the Betas, as I only use Windoze when I am being paid to. I am sure it will have more eye candy and may be a tad less insecure than its' predecessors, but from what I have read it is a resource hog. At least each version of Apple OS X gets a little quicker and lighter. To my mind, that is good coding for you.

People who carry insulated (and often brushed metal) coffee cups from home to the office, having got up extra early to make a brew and then caress it all the way into work. The amount of time and effort seems wildly disproportionate to the benefit. It all seems very anal. Why not just buy a hot drink at the station, or wait until you get to work? You have to lug the mug around all day, wash and sterilise it when you get home, and remember to make a fresh brew for it in the morning. Why not drink it at home as soon as you have made it? Why carry it around as if it is some kind of perverted trophy? I think there is something inherently wrong with such people. In previous generations they would have probably been fed bromide. Click on the feedback link below and tell me what you think!

And now for the obligatory video. One of a series - "Will it blend?" - a cross between Sky One's "Brainiac - Science Abuse" and "Mythbusters"; a promotional clip of an American industrial strength kitchen food blender, and what it can really do. Enjoy. More to follow if you like this one.

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  1. Mmmh, you should get one of those blenders. A big one. It will surely blend Chavs too. With ease.