Thursday, November 23, 2006

Life imitating art.

Above is a small scribble done by Ian - and what a great thing it is too. He gave it to me ages ago, and I came across it again whilst looking through my phone book the other night. I thought that I would share it with you.

Well, life is now imitating art (or whatever you could classify my foray into the world of the online journal). You may recall some time ago I had a whinge about Chavs playing (C)Rap music on their mobile phones whilst travelling on buses and trains without using headphones, and the annoyance it causes to those of better breeding. Well, someone else obviously feels as I do about the subject - they have set up a campaign to ban loud music on public transport. Do give it your support.

Something that makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis is the saga of the Bastard Operator from Hell (BOFH) - an ongoing fictional tale of an IT System Administrator; it is a bit like "Yes Minister" for the IT industry. See what you think anyway.


  1. HAHA!
    Forgotten about that doodle. I did that while on the phone at work hence the face is not too bad but the rest is patchy, I can draw zombies in my sleep but structuring is more difficult when your attention is on working!
    I'll try and do something else for you.

    Your right about BOFH, took me awhile to get into but it is Yes Minister. Thats on BBC7 at the moment and I find the radio version better than the TV version to be honest.