Sunday, July 15, 2007

Celebrating a Century.

The Maggot Sandwich (TM) is celebrating a century - this is officially my one hundredth Blog posting. All I can offer is virtual champagne, I am afraid! I wish I could claim credit for the amazing photo above, but it is not mine - merely something I stumbled across whilst doing some research. Click for an enlarged version.

I have been getting massive numbers of hits on my Flickr photo account, mainly people looking at the Genesis gig photos I took last weekend and blogged below this entry. I must admit that compared with some people, my photographic offerings are a bit rubbish. If you look at this chap's photos of the same Twickenham gig, you will see what I mean. The gig really showed up the inherent limitations of my current Sony DSC -W7 compact digital camera, and I am now seriously considering a decent digital SLR like the Nikon D80. I have been looking through the metrics on photos uploaded to Flickr, and the D80 comes out as pretty much the top dog in the medium priced digital SLR camera field. One chap who takes some absolutely amazing landscape and seascape photos with a D80 can be seen here.

Media and online interest in all things Genesis has been predictably high this week; BBC Radio 2 recorded the gig and a heavily edited one hour version can be heard online here. There are literally hundreds of gig video clips from the current tour uploaded to YouTube - some can be seen here. If you have not see my previous entries and concert photographs, scroll down below this submission, and click on any photo for a larger and more detailed version.

Erith life continues apace; to give you an idea of how things can be around here, I was talking to my next door neighbour earlier in the week - she works in Morrison's in Erith and she can usually be found on the CD and DVD bar. They had a special one-off offer: LG 42" plasma HD televisions for £675. Two enterprising chavs decided to nick one in broad daylight; never mind the size of the beast and the giant cardboard packing case - they tried loading it onto a trolley and making for the fire exit. I understand that it was not a great challenge for the security guards to catch the scrotes. Hopefully they got a good kicking before the Police were summoned.


  1. Thanks for the image. I'm always on the hunting "vistas" for my Compiz-fusion Skydome :)

  2. Nice pic!
    I can't believe the Blog is 100!
    Congrats o' wheat based wriggly bug filling based bag of Rantiness! Long may you liberally spray the 'Net with your bile filled rants on life's inadequacies!

    There's nowt wrong with your camera really it's just when a man gets to a certain age he hankers after a Digital SLR. I know of at least two other friends who have suddenly decided that they have a burning need to spend lotsa cash on a DSLR. I've yet to surcome but then I've always been about "catching the moment" rather than quality if you get what I mean.

    I finally got a chance to listen to the Genesis gig from the Radio2 website, dunno why they mixed the running order up though, can't see the point. Nice to have a record of the gig I've been to though. Just wish I'd seen them 30 years ago.
    Ok I would have been 5 but again you know what I mean!
    Is it me or does Phil Collins now look permanently in a bad mood and abit…witch like? The looks all pointy nosed, stick a wig and a black pointed hat on him and he'd be cackling about "Ruby slippers" in a trice.

    The story of the Chav's trying to nick a Plasma TV from Morrie's raised a smile. Imagine if they'd got it home would a Chav really understand about HD connectivity?
    ...Hang on they're most likely to have a new HD Sky+ box or X-box360 so they might be able to explain it to me!
    Actually I had ago on one of those on Saturday for the first time, played an amazing driving game but then drunk 4 cans of strong cider and for some unknown reason I kept crashing the cars and the courners became impossible. God knows why...
    Talking of Chav's one tried to nick some beer from the new Mini-Mart near me but forgot it was a very slow acting automatic sliding door. Apparently he ran at it and the thing had only opened about an inch and he just bounced off it, wish I'd seen it!

  3. Congratulations and celebrations. Perhaps you should nick a DSLR - I'm sure you'd do a better job than the comedians in your post. (I got your message thanks and am good for a meet-up. If you email verbaldiary(at)gmail(dot)com we can organise something perhaps?)

    Do bloggers get a telegram from anyone when they reach 100?