Sunday, July 22, 2007

It had to happen...

Many thanks to Debbie Steve and Ian for organising last night's get together at the Robin Hood and Little John pub in Bexleyheath. I guessed that some kind of late birthday party was being arranged on my behalf, but I was absolutely gob smacked when Bongo and Andy & Meg Arden turned up! A great (and noisy) time was had by one and all. Thanks to Ian for a majority of the photos above with his camera phone.

I continue to get lots of hits on my Flickr photo album, mainly for the Genesis photos, but everything seems to be unusually popular all things considered. Do pay a visit if you feel like it.

Mini rant time. Have you noticed that the bus shelters in some areas have a new addition? Multi media adverts - you will be standing there minding your own business when the illuminated advertising panel at one end of the shelter will suddenly burst into life. A speaker is embedded in the panel, and every few minutes will bombard you with a pre recorded audio commercial. Magner's Irish Cider is a prime culprit - the fact that the stuff is horrible, made with apple pulp imported from Spain, is filled with noxious additives, and is a strong candidate for the title of Urine of Satan (tm) adds insult to injury.

On a sunnier note, this is both my 101st blog posting, and it is now exactly a year since my very first tentative posting which you can read here. A lot of things have happened since this time last year; some good, some not so good. Here's to another year of the Maggot Sandwich!


  1. Late Happy Birthday to you. Sorry I haven´t been reading your blog recently, been either too ill, too lazy or hadn´t had the time...

    Multimedia advertising ey?! I wonder what impact that will have on this island... bill posting and advertising is against the law here, so I wonder if this would include multimedia?!!! :O

  2. Oi! PEWTY!
    'Ow comes the Maggot Sandwich readers only get a view of me right leg!
    The pubic, sorry PUBLIC demand more ReV!
    Nah, great night.
    Strange night.
    But good fun.
    For me personally it was weird as my very first ever drinking in-the-pub times was with the Radio Lumberjack crowd, you, Bongo, Andy and Meg and that hasn't happened in…(thinks)…21 years?
    Funny how things change but stay the same.
    You lot were SO feckin' loud! Or maybe it's because I was sober...
    Margaret Thatcher was still Prime Minister then, a pint was under £2 and...I'm starting to feel old. Hell, I remembered on Saturday me and you going out to The George in Bexley village for your 22 birthday and I musta been 17 and I thought you were so OLD and I remember ribbing you for your age.
    Hopefully we can stay in touch with Andy & Meg and maybe get back in touch with others, who knows!
    Any excuse for a beer me….

    Congrat's on the birthday of the Blog!
    I must be coming up for my 100th Comment posted soon!

    I've come across a couple of these multi-media posters, the last one I saw was actually at face level in the running Horses in Erith so as you stand there returning the beer you just drunk whence it came as tinny voice pipes up a film clip or an advert. Quite amusing the first time but then I got to thinking that when I'm siphoning the python I don't want to be bombarded with advertising. Actually I had a Magners on Sunday afternoon as I finished the last Harry Potter (well it was bought for me) and then only reason you drink it over ice is that it does taste so chemically. I've had Bulmer's and Scrumpy Jack as well over the past few days and they are both "nicer" than Magners (I use the term "nice" loosely obviously) actually as a non-lager drinker I think the best tasting available-anywhere cider in cans is…Strongbow Super.
    Yes I know its like tramp champagne but it actually has some taste. If we're talking more choice I think it's Thacker's black Label Reserve and although you can taste the sunshine in the glass it's waaaay to strong to have more than a couple of bottles unless you want to blackout and wake up married to a Polish hooker. Green Goblin from Wychwoods nice as well.

    As for the video clips of the Forts I think Alan should buy them as his first base when his plan to become world dictator comes to fruition!