Sunday, June 01, 2008


BOGOF - an acronym for "Buy one, get one free". In a sense that is what is happening with this weeks' Blog entries. After last weeks lack of a Blog update due to me feeling unwell, and also lacking much in the way of material, I thought that I would give you a bit of a bonanza this week - hence the entry below this one is also a brand new one, and just waiting for you to visit. Check out the entry concerning FarnFest 2008 below this posting. I was appointed official FarnFest photographer and I think I managed to get some pretty good images captured.

Today Ian and I (along with his family in tow) visited Erith Riverside carnival. It was the best one for several years; after many visits that have been boring, or full of Chavs sucking on melting ice creams before filling their distended bellies with gassy lager, this year was a revelation - a celebration of English culture. Click on any photo above for a larger and more detailed version.

Viking re-enactors with an encampment on the green in front of the Running Horses pub, adjacent to both a group of 15th century Medieval noble characters; all of the while with the traditional folk sounds of a Morris Dancing troupe in the background. Rather civilised and a welcome addition to the normal skirmish that is Erith life.

Just for once Erith felt like a civilised place; no doubt this benevolent feeling will evaporate by morning.

You can see all of my photographs by going to my full Flickr photo website by clicking here.

Here is another type of Knight from back in the 1980's for your entertainment.

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  1. Yeah, another well organised event!
    Was very pleasantly surprised.
    Was amusing watching you twitch every time you saw a Digital SLR, it's calle "Camera Envy".
    You actually missed a Stella drinking drunk late teen girl who fell on the bongo's (that sounds like a euphemism...) at the Drum Club tent and she was dealt with in no uncertain terms.
    The kids loved it but I was BITTERLY disappointed they only wanted kids to be involved with the 15th Century weapons display! And how much was I jealous of the Cleric??! I'd love to walk about dressed like that…
    Was a shame to see the swimming pool so run down, I know it's closed but it's rapidly becoming an eyesore also what will the White Heart become? My monies on a restaurant (Pizza Express) OR a bar of some description.