Sunday, June 01, 2008

FarnFest 2008.

Some photos from FarnFest 2008 - the local band Oxide headlined the festivals' Saturday night and I was commissioned to take the official photos for the gig. Click on any one for a larger version. You can see a fuller set on my Flickr photo album.

FarnFest is one of my favourite annual events; a well organised medium sized undertaking with professional security and first aid facilities, allied to the resources of the Woodman pub - an excellent Shepherd Neame hostelry in the centre of Farnborough village. Live music, a beautiful location, friendly locals and excellent real ale. Heaven.


  1. It's amazing how a mobile phone camera can take such good photo's !


  2. Another great Farnfest!
    As usual Jason and crew really pull out all the stop's to make it work. Happier that they had more barstaff this year only 5 min's to get a pint instead of last years 15/20!
    Oxide were GREAT (although abit Foo's heavy and that's coming from a huge Foo's fan!), nice to see them work a bigger stage. Stange to think I was playing that stage last year...#sigh#
    Glad the weather held and Jim looks amazing, hat's off to him!