Monday, July 24, 2006

Cars boats and guns.

Hot again. I have just finished working from home this evening, and it is about 30 degrees in the study; listening to Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull fame) on Planet Rock. I was quite suspicious of DAB radio, but I am now a convert. Audio can be over compressed and dodgy on some channels, but overall the specialist content is great. At last count I have thirteen radios, most of them working. My favourite (and the most expensive) is this H.F receiver

I am getting worried about Mister B in Israel - he's capable of looking after himself (well, three tours in Iraq wielding a "Tribble on a stick" microphone for various news organisations seems to me to be a good qualification). Not heard from him though - he normally will try and phone at some point.

I was gutted and extremely jealous to hear that Big Alan has lashed out £35,000 and bought himself a used Maserati. I don't know all of the details, but I am guessing it is one of these

Don't forget to check out yesterday's posting regarding the sale of the M.V Admiral Jellicoe; a bit of marine history and a bloody great big chunk of metal to boot. How many people can boast that their residence registers on a Royal Navy magnetometer?

The BBC News website is giving quite favourable coverage to this years' Bisley event; I am not going to kick off about the disgraceful state of Britain's gun laws here right now (believe me, that will require an entire post on its' own, and I have not worked up sufficient bile right now). Did you know, that by the Metropolitan Police's own figures, gun crime has gone up between eight and ten times since the 1997 hand gun ban? Ban legal firearms and the only people with guns are the criminals. It happened just as predicted. I miss my Glock 17.

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  1. More guns = LESS crime

    Gun owners are polite people.

    BTW What happened to my comments on your previous post?

    Have a nice day...

  2. Hmm...Yep your right about Allen's car, whats the model?
    Hopefully I'll get to go for a spin in it tomorrow as we're supposed to be going out for a drink (strangly to the Belvedere Working Mans Club, I haven't been there in...actually I'm not sure I've ever been there) but doubt I'll get a chance to drive it.
    Actually I wouldn't want to, I'd be too scared to even touch the gas! Bit different from the VW's I tend to drive...

    Just to let you know Mrs.ReV heard from Mr.B on Friday (or Saturday, I'm not sure), she's texted him (Yes I KNOW you HATE raprods but your in the minority) & he rang her back, as far as she said to me he's fine it's just where he is.

    Oh Damo spent yesterday morning answering questions for Her Majestey's Finest. Lets just say NEVER let your Dad test a new pair of "bi-knock-ulars" from your bedroom window while the lady opposite is changing, then he go away on holiday...
    I'll let him tell you the full story but it cheered up my day!

    Think I may have to start a Blog you know...