Sunday, July 23, 2006

Flock and float.

Flock is a free and open source browser / blog client built using the Mozilla Firefox rendering engine. It is available for Linux and Apple OS X (and I have been reliably informed that it will also run on Windoze, though why for the life of me anyone would want to expose oneself to the heartache and hassle that 'Doze brings to the party I could not say...)

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Thinking of moving house or a drastic change of scene? My good friends Colin and Danni have their houseboat up for sale; actually it is a little bit more than the usual tired old narrow boat or knackered barge that one normally associates with life on the water. Their magnificent vessel, the M.V Admiral Jellicoe is currently up for serious offers. The photos on the link below are very out of date, and it is now a smart, desirable and very unusual residence - more here

Sunday is rapidly running out. I am still in the study, bashing away on the trusty Fedora Core 5 Linux laptop, complete with its' brand new internal hard drive (thanks Colin!) after the last one died the death. Dell make crap computers, but I got this laptop at such a knock down price, I cannot really complain.

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  1. Hi Hugh,
    Welcome to blogworld! Great start. Gas a chav, you know it makes sense.

    Just come back from the War and Peace show. Bloody marvellous. I want an armoured tracked rocket launcher. Cars suck!

    Have a nice day.


    Captain Colin.