Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nearly Monday

Not much of Sunday left now. I have to be in sunny Watford by 8.45 tomorrow morning for a meeting with my team. Train from Erith to London Bridge, Northern Line tube to Euston (Hell on Earth on a good day, and I suspect that tomorrow will be worse) and overland train from Euston to Watford - normally the nicest bit of the journey. Twenty minutes to read the Times or that rag the Metro, which is as common in London as pigeon droppings, and just about as useful.

Ian gave me a belated birthday present, and I am extremely chuffed - a T - shirt with "Bow before me, for I am Root" on it. Cool.
A couple of Chavs were just whizzing along the pavement outside the front door on a micro motor bike (the type that are completely illegal, even on private land). Local Police do normally chase and confiscate the bikes, but not today. Hopefully the riders will hit something hard and unyielding like a lamp post. We need more organ donors....

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  1. Darwins theory of natural selection usually works well..