Sunday, July 23, 2006

Things that really REALLY annoy me - Part One.

People eating food in supermarkets before paying for it. IT IS THEFT! Would you go into a car showroom and drive off in a car without paying "Oh, I'll pop a cheque round next week" ? NO!

People who put their feet on the seats on public transport. Inconsiderate and dirty. Usually manual labourers with filthy boots, or others from the shallow end of the gene pool.

People listening to music (invariably pointy fingered (c)rap) on mobile phones without using earphones - it is usually a slack jawed Chav relying on people's fears of being stabbed if they complain.

Chavs in general. Gas them all until they stop twitching, then use them as agricultural fertiliser.

Text - speak (from now on referred to only as F*ckwit).

People who use trollies in the check out isle of supermarkets marked "Hand baskets only". When you complain they invariably say "Well, I only have a hand baskets' worth of shopping". Count the wheels; if it comes to one or more, it is a flippin' trolley you spanner!

The Daily Mail. Aimed squarely at white, middle aged, middle class women. At least the Sun is honest about its' aims and target market, even if it is a steaming pile of poo.

High street mobile telephone shops. All of them. I was accosted by a sales rep outside one (don't know which - they all look the same to me) yesterday saying "upgrade your mobile today and get 1000 minutes and 150 texts" (or it could have been the other way around). When I told him I was not interested he asked me what my service provider was, and he could better my deal, I abruptly informed him that I did not own a mobile telephone as they are the Spawn of Satan, will give long term users brain cancer and I would rather cut off both my legs with a rusty bread knife than use one. He was bemused and thought I was winding him up; he asked "How do you stay in contact then?" I said that I don't - what is this fixation with being in contact all of the time? I DON'T WANT to be contactable. I like my peace and privacy.

Rant over - for now.

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  1. hugh
    HINT - to save encountering 2 of your major annoyances - ORDER YOUR SUPERMARKET SHOPPING ONLINE!!!

  2. Wot end his bizzare love affair with Morrisons?