Friday, August 25, 2006

AICN and a very nice sandwich indeed.

Well, it has all been happening today. The photos of Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell that Colin sent me have now been published by Ain't It Cool News here - nice to see that a relatively local event can make its' way onto the World's premier movie gossip web site.

Good work from Ian (the ReV mentioned in the AICN story).

I had the best sandwich I have ever eaten today - and shock horror it was from a fast food chain! Seriously. I had a Chipotle Smoked Steak and Cheese Melt 12" Sub with iceberg lettuce, red pepper, tomato and Jalapeno chilli from the newly opened Subway at Ludgate Circus, near Blackfriars railway station (the location of filming for the new series of Doctor Who a few weeks ago).

I have had a few reports that my new profile photo is not appearing properly; well the news is - if you are using M$ Internet Exploder, you may find that the image is missing. This is a fault with IE and its' antiquated rendering engine; you need to use a decent modern browser like Firefox, Opera or Konqueror

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  1. Know what you mean about Subway, there's now one in Weymouth (open till 3am every day! Weird), personally I prefer the Italian BLT (cold salami and the like and cheese with iceberg lettuce, red & green pepper, tomato, cucumber, black olives, red onions, gerkin and Jalapeno chilli..YUM!) or their meatball sandwich (not THAT amazing tasting I just like the sound of ordering a MEATBALL SANDWICH!).
    If it's the Sub of The Day it's only £1.99. The sandwiches I usually buy from Scumerfield...I mean Somerfield are £2.20 and their the pre-made limp things. Mind you If you buy anything apart from the Sub Of The Day Subway is quite expensive (£3.50 I think for Sub', crisps and a drink).