Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chuggers - scum of the earth.

Well, quite a quiet day today. Mum and I went for lunch to the incomparable Robin Hood & Little John pub in Lion Road, Bexleyheath - seven times CAMRA Bexley pub of the year, and two times Greater London pub of the year. Excellent food, real ale and entertaining company as always. The Landlord Ray had an Adnams polo shirt on that I would not mind getting myself.

Upon our return to Bexleyheath Broadway, we encountered a number of example of what I consider to be the very lowest of the low - paid charity collectors, better known in London as "Chuggers" - Charity Muggers. These vermin get paid a commission to sign up the well meaning but deluded public to various so called "charity donation schemes" - which often involve yet another percentage being syphoned off to the company that employs them. They are little better than organised crime - most people think that they are just volunteers hoping to do a little good; this is not the case, the collectors are professional - and in my mind fraudsters. When I am confronted by such leeches I always ask them what charity they represent - they then start their well rehearsed patter - at which point I then interrupt the to tell them that I will NEVER support a charity that employs Chuggers. They are usually unemployed students or actors looking to make a few quid. If you ever feel the urge to get a job as a Chugger - do yourself and the world in general a favour and kill yourself immediately.

Today's photo is of Guru of hip, style icon and all round cool chap Jason King of Department S. It is rumoured that he was actually played by an actor called Peter Wyngarde, but I think that is malicious tittle - tattle.

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  1. I agree with the Chuggers comment, was abit confused of the inclusion of a pic of Jason King till I got to the end of the artical though!
    Talking of Peter Wyngarde did you know he played Klitus in the '80's version of Flash Gordon?
    Remember the Queen single for the film he's on that, to be honest I always found him creepier than 'Vader!