Monday, August 21, 2006

Hollywood meets Medway mud.

Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell filming on location in Hoo, Kent a couple of days ago; it is all part of a new Woody Allen movie set in the UK. The photos were taken by Colin in his river Medway boat yard where his ex North Sea trawler the M.V Admiral Jellicoe is moored. Details of the film are a little sketchy, but some serious Hollywood heavyweights are involved.

I went to Ian and Julies' second daughter Isobel's christening yesterday. The reception was held in the White Hart in Erith. Weird pub. The kind of place you expect a proto Bob Hoskins' type villian to come crashing through the door with a sawn off shotgun going "Come here you SLAAG!" The get together went off without much incident, thankfully. Notice in the non - Hollywood super star photo, Ian is giving me his best Vulcan "Fascinating Captain" look. Ian was finally beginning to wind down after the stress of organising the event; Julie was a little more chilled out about the whole thing, but maybe she just hid it better.

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  1. Not a post i thought I'd see:
    Me, You, Colin Farrell & Ewan McGregor all on the same page!
    Quite a good piccy of thou and thee actually!
    As for the pub it really could be quite stylish but needs alot of work to get it "reasonable", it's just tatty. Mind you the Courage Best was ok!