Sunday, September 24, 2006

Curry, D&D and a bespoke Saville Row suit.

Ian came round earlier this afternoon and lent me the latest copy of "The Chap" magazine. A jolly good read and hopefully a tome that will soon reach a wider readership, now that they have a distribution deal with W.H Smith. Ian had meant to bring it along to the pub last night, when he, Jason and myself went for a quick pint to the Victoria in Belvedere village. Jason had his first full pint of real ale - Shepherd Neame Spitfire (Ian and I are slowly weaning him off a lifetime addiction to cheap lager). The pub has a new, first time landlord who was experiencing his first Saturday night, with a free finger buffet and many of his friends and relatives in attendance. After a while we made our excuses and left - it felt a bit too much like intruding on a private family party.

As mentioned in my posting on Friday, I would really like a bespoke suit; something utterly unique and timeless (and pant wettingly pricey to boot). Gieves and Hawkes rattle off a natty line in Gentleman's threads. Wait and see for now.

After working in my company's headquarters building on Saturday, I popped into one of my favourite old haunts - the incomparable cafe and Brick Lane landmark - Sweet and Spicy. The owner, Mr Butt greeted me warmly and shook my hand; I explained that regular visits were now difficult as my home office is now in Watford. He was very pleased to see me anyway; I wonder if he realises that several of the press reviews of his shop that have been printed from the Internet, or photocopied from the Good Curry guide and have been put in the shop window were actually penned by me? I have never intimated as such. Incredibly cheap, wholesome and slightly old fashioned Bangladeshi food "like Mother used to make" in a clean but basic "transport caff" environment. It is the only curry house in Brick Lane not only to get into the Good Curry Guide, but be one of the top 100 curry restaurants in the entire UK. I had a huge portion of their Chicken Vindaloo, boiled rice, two chapatties, a bottle of mineral water, side salad, raitha and their unique red sauce - all for £7.30.

If you have ever played a Role Playing Game like Dungeons & Dragons, you should take a look at this Canadian short, ten minute film; okay it is in French with subtitles, and it starts off fairly slowly, but give it a chance. It is an absolute hoot - think what Lord of the Rings would be like if directed by Kevin Smith - enough said!

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  1. Sweet and spicy?
    Hmmm...I remeber licking a wall after eating a kebab-type thing from there as it was so spicy!
    Nice but too strong for me.
    The D&D film rocks!