Friday, September 22, 2006

Home grown chillies, Pot Noodle and aspirational clothing.

A photo of some chillies freshly picked after being grown in my own back garden. Not such a good crop as last year, but then the weather has been all over the place. Nice to have them anyway.

I get really ticked off when getting off public transport, be it bus, tube or overland train; you are getting ready to leave the train carriage or bus (delete as applicable) and some unwashed oik pushes their way on board before you can leave. Utter rudeness and a complete disregard is shown for their fellow passengers by these contemptible creatures. Attaching their genitalia to a three phase mains supply via heavy duty jump leads seems an equitable solution.

Pot Noodle. What a poorly researched television advert they are currently showing. The concept of the "1974 noodle famine" and the whole idea of mining for noodles is somewhat let down by the televsion commercial showing an Apple II computer in one scene. The Apple II was not released until 1977, and to my knowledge did not reach the UK in any numbers until late 1978 / early 1979. The idea of a Welsh mining village having one at that time is utterly contemptible. And don't get me started about people on public transport who start singing along to what they are listening to on their media players. For some reason they are most commonly listening to Gospel music - make of that what you will.

White socks with track suit bottoms tucked into them; you know where I am heading with this one. Get the chainsaw warmed up....

I have found a very thought provoking Blog and set of philosophical arguments here - I will let you make your own judgement either way.

Personally I aspire to a bespoke Saville Row two piece single breasted suit and a pair of hand tooled Lobb shoes. Life is not always like that, I fear.


  1. Love the photo. You should sell that to a culinary website or something. ;)

  2. Hugh only you would nit pick what computer they had in the Ad'. The ad's about the Great Noodle Shortage when the Welsh Noodle mines ran dry until a Sheep sniffed out a new seam!! ;-)
    IT'S A JOKE!