Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mark and Shelley get spliced.

Well, Mark and Shelley have tied the knot, with Ian as Best Man. Unfortunately I could not make it due to work commitments, but in way of recompense, they get headline coverage in my Blog. I bumped into Shelley this afternoon in Morrisons, on my way home after visiting my Dad in the nursing home. She sent me the photos, which I reproduce here.

Colin and his daughter China have been round today whilst I have been at work in Sunny Watford (TM). They have been doing some more restorative work on his Land Rover parked at the rear of my house, as per my previous posting. Captain Colin of the M.V Admiral Jellicoe has his own key and free range of my home when I am at work. I had to give them both a bit of a driving lesson in relation to my cooker, as they had suffered a bit of a culinary mishap when trying to bake a couple of Linda McCartney veggie pies. Luckily the smoke has now cleared.

Ian Emailed me today to say that not only has he found "The Chap" magazine on sale in Sidcup, but that he is entering me for some kind of competition in the magazine. No doubt time will tell. I would imagine that Tweed will feature in some context.

Maggot Sandwich Blog reader Barbarella has been in Email touch a couple of times. Hi to you and many thanks for your comments!

Well, a fairly short and whinge free entry this time; back with much venting of spleen and appropriate bile soon, I am sure.

Here is a short film that has acheived classic status online - a parody of ABC's "Cops" set in the Star Wars universe; here is "Troops"...


  1. What's this??!
    A MELLOW post?!

    Got to say Mark n' Shell' both looked stunning, apart from the end of the night when Mark decied that the evening needed finishing off by blocking both a urinal and a sink with blue/black Aftershock Vomit.
    AAAAHHHHH...the sign of a good wedding when the Groom spews..
    I drew the line for Best Man duties at being wrist deep in chunks but did end up fingertip deep and wiping everything down. Strangly I lost interest in the evening food shortly after.
    Boy do I need a hair cut looking at that picture, I'm trying to grow my hair again (well I have it short or normal length for 7 years..) but it's at the "damn-thing" stage at the moment.
    It was a great day but very strange to be around "free" wine and not drinking. Watching close friends sliiiide into boozy oblivion was very strange when your stone cold sober (driving & had to make sure as Best Man that if anything happened someone was sober to deal with it). Hat's off to Alan for moking a cigar the size of an oak table leg & moshing to Whitesnake, what a combination!
    A link to the Morrison's website? I'm sure you have something kinky going on with that place...LOL.

    "The Chap" magazine thing has been posted off and HOPEFULLY if you get chosen will appear in the Winter edition. It's a strange publication, it's half satirical half factual but 100% Chap-ness. saying that i've just bought a tweed style hat, first hat I've ever bought, god knows why i bought it...Oh yes it was reduced to only £2!Oh talking of letetrs being published (hopefully) I have a letter published in the November edition of SFX magazine asking about an obscure sci-fi book I read as a kid.

  2. Just re-read your Blog, the line "..Ian Emailed me today to say that not only has he found "The Chap" magazine on sale...but that he is entering me for some kind of competition in the magazine." sounds veeeeeery discusting. "The Chap" magazine? Entering me?...I'll get me coat!
    Sorry my Smutt setting seems to be switched on today.

    Did you know if you click on my name it takes you to interesting links?

  3. *waves*

    Ian is ze Sex (but don´t tell him I said that). I think it´s the goatee. I have a thing for goatees. Ooooh, Johnny Depp with goatee.... swoon! ;)