Thursday, September 14, 2006

The need for Tweed.

I am not the most demonstrative or physically active person. I don't delight in extreme sports or other dangerous activities; quite the opposite, I find pleasure in the smallest of things. A well prepared meal, a nice cup of tea, a peaceful evening sunset - these apparently minor things can be a source of contentment. All a bit Zen really. The photo above is of Jason and myself waiting for a bus back to Erith from Upper Belvedere last Saturday night.

Speaking to a number of friends and colleagues, it does seem from anecdotal evidence that the incidence of Chavs using mobile telephones as broadcast music systems on public transport is on the increase. The arrogance and selfishness of inflicting their "music" on the general travelling public would seem to be commonplace now. Challenge them. Don't ignore it - they rely on the fact that many people are scared of them (though how anyone could be seen as scary dressed in the adult sized equivalent of a child's romper suit, I fail to see). It is not just the UK that is under attack from this scum underclass; other European contries have similar burdens to bear. We all have our part to play to see that they don't leave the decent law abiding majority cowering in fear.

Things that keep me awake at night. What is Blu Tack made from? What are wasps actually good for? How come, nearly forty years after humans managed to send people to the Moon and return them safely to the Earth, we still cannot get the hand rails on escalators to run at the same speed as the steps? Now that there are a multitude of energy supply companies, how do the different electricity and gas suppliers ensure that their products get to the correct consumer? Bearing in mind they all use the same pipes, how do they stop the gas from separate suppliers getting mixed up on the way to the various customers? We need to be told.


    Have you found a strange plant in your garden and decided to smoke it or summat?!
    Mind you your right what IS Blu-Tac made of???

    I've found a great way to stop Chav-phone-music, apparently I look threatening 90% of the time (something I was unaware of) so just by "being" seems to work and also when they play their music i play MY music on my phone. Now bearing in mind my phone contains tracks by Frank Zappa, The Feeling, Bowie, Elvis, ACDC, ELO, Stevie Wonder etc etc it seems to disturb them...mind you fighting fire with fire isn't my favoarte way of dealing with a problem!
    All I have to say is 2006 - music played on tinny tiny phones. 1980'S - weekend-bag-sized Boom boxes.
    I know as I've got older which one I want "the kids" to be playing their "music" on!

  2. Tweed!!!! Always reminds me of Giles from Buffy. ;)

    Luckily I don´t ever need to use public transport here in Lanzarote, but I´m sure that (especially!) British tourist Chavscum do the same crap over here... Killkillkill!