Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Photo album update and a long day.

What a dreadful photograph. It looks like I am some kind of no necked bloater. Ho Hum. It was taken last week when Shirley came round for a visit. You can see my online photo album here.

I have been to the Watford office again today; not a fun day due to my three hour transit this morning. Enough said for now anyway. I got accosted by the same aggressive beggar whilst on the way back home using the Northern Line from Euston to London Bridge, but for various reasons I held my tongue this time. I am just building it up for the big outburst!


  1. Hey! If you will lean your head back over the edge of your sofa your gonna look like some kind of no necked bloater it's simple biology! Either that or it's a photo from the future slipped back in time!

    Anyhow I've come to the conclusion I have my own private begger.
    His name is Jon and he's the band's drummer.
    3 times in the last 5 days he's rung me asking to borrow "a couple of quid" (ie: £20), considering he told me back in May that he needed all that nights gig money to pay his Nan's 'leccy bill THEN I discovered that he snored it up his hooter at a bar in Woolwich later that night means he has quite frankly pi*sed on his chips. He still owes me my cut of that nights gig money but strangly seems to have forgotten!

  2. Mmmh, if your head was a bit more pointy at the top you could be a Conehead for halloween! ;)