Saturday, October 21, 2006

A waste of money.

The monstrosity pictured above (click on each picture for a much larger view) greets visitors to Erith - a giant mosaic covered sculpture depicting a number of intertwined fish that dominates the central roundabout joining the roads from Dartford, Northumberland Heath and Upper Belvedere. It was installed in August by the local council at a cost to the local tax payers of somewhere in the region of £60,000! We were not consulted, and general opinion is that the thing is a grotesque and embarrasing waste of public money. To my mind it is reminiscent of a gargantuan psychedelic steaming "Mister Whippy" style turd, crapped from the heavens onto the unsuspecting town of Erith - as if we did not have enough trouble to deal with as it is!

Readers of the local News Shopper newspaper have left comments here and here - please feel free to leave your own thoughts and comments on the sculpture; I'd be interested in other people's views.


  1. It's um..striking!
    Would have been better placed down by the waterfront I think.
    I think having "art" in public places is a great idea BUT 90% of the time it's naff-art-school-art!
    It looks abit too kiddie friendly for such a prominant position, it should be something dramatic like a ship or something to comemorate the big 1900's boat crash not 3 day-glow turds!

  2. Hi Hugh
    i totally agree with you about the statue and recently contacted ITV about it after seeing their "waste watchers" program.
    They are keen to film the statue and get some local opinions