Friday, October 20, 2006

Shirley and chocolate cake.

Well, a change from the usual grumpy rants. Shirley came round for the afternoon; I took a day off work (only my second so far this year!) We sat and watched American sitcoms on Paramount and Hallmark - a real veg out on the sofa. Shirley brought a large luxury chocolate cake from Morrisons and ate quite a bit of it whilst we both drank tea. Quite a civilised afternoon all told. We then went shopping and she managed to leave her shoulder bag in Peacocks in Erith shopping centre, though we soon retrieved it unharmed.

There are some newly uploaded photos in my Flickr photo album for you to check out.

As we walked around Erith, we ended up by the main roundabout - home of the infamous Erith fish mosaic sculpture, recently installed at a cost to the local council tax payer of £60,000. More on this in a rather ticked off posting in the very near future.

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