Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Morrison's car park and an aggressive beggar.

Well, after a fairly quiet period, I can finally get back to my forte. A RANT! Oh, and it feels SO good.....

After seeing Dad in the nursing home today (he was completely sparko - deeply asleep - I could not shave him or do any of the usual things I try to do to make his remaining time any more comfortable. That's how it sometimes goes). Mum and I got a lift from her next door neighbour from the nursing home; this very charitable service normally occurs on most Wednesdays. I get dropped of by the service road directly adjacent to the River Thames walkway / promenade and jetty next to Morrison's in Erith town centre. It is just around the corner from my house, and enables me to go and do a little shopping on my way home, before logging on to the company network and doing a couple of hours' work each evening to make up for my afternoon's absence.

I had no sooner waved them off when a scruffily dressed and shifty looking woman who initially looked to be in her mid fifties, but upon closer inspection was probably no more than thirty, approached, and asked me in a wheedling voice if I could spare her change for a bus ticket. Immediately I checked her out; a hatchet faced harridan with no front teeth and corroded pegs for those still remaining, lank and greasy unwashed hair and a real vibe of underclass. Horrible. Having sussed exactly what her pitch was, I turned back towards her vile countenance. "And what exactly do you want the money for again? Let me guess... Smack? No. From the state of what's left of your teeth I reckon you want cash for more Crystal Meth. Either that your retarded and myopic pimp whacked you one in the gob."

She then screetched a vile torrent of incoherent abuse, stopping suddenly in a contrite voice to ask "So you won't help me then?" I replied as I made to move off. "I would not piss on you if you were laying in the gutter burning". Quality. I would have stayed longer to exchange further banter with this misguided social inadequate, but a small child only a few yards away was stroking a friendly local cat, and I was concerned that if I did not cut the exchange short, it might have over run in her direction with potentially unfortunate results. I thought it prudent to walk off at that point, stopping off at Morrison's to inform the Security Manager of the situation. Hopefully she would later be captured, thoroughly beaten and taught the error of her ways; somehow I doubt it. Scum. Erith in a nutshell.


  1. #PHEW!#
    For awhile there I thought the Muse of Rants had left you! Glad to see your back on form!

    Erith was relatively civilised when I went yesterday, was pleasantly surprised.
    It seems "normal" people are upsetting the Ice White Brigade's idea of territory, it's fascinating, you can see it in their ravaged rat-like faces "Eh? This my concrete sitting place! Why sober people here?? Why am I not allowed to whatever the damn I want without repercussions??", I saw a lovely Erith couple, he on the the Special Brew, her on the K Strong Cider at 11:30am sitting (swaying) on the steps by the Woolwich....
    "Erith. The Place Hitler Missed!"
    I'm wondering why the Erith Fishes sculpture has escaped your ranting wrath..thought it would be perfect Pewty fuel!
    Actually we've started having some reprobates hanging around the shop down the road and the other day one of them asked me "for bus fare mate" (funny how it's more expensive to get a bus even one stop if you pay cash than it is to buy a can of Strong Lager but I digress) and being slightly grumpy without thinking I said very shortly and bluntly "No, fu*k off" as I carried on walking past not even making eye contact, ok what it lacks in wit it more than makes up for with directness! His face was a picture.

  2. Hey, have some compassion!! You don´t know how this unfortunate got to where she is now and what sad path her life has taken to get her there. I know they´re a nuisance and I NEVER give them money either but usually offer to buy them a coffee or a sandwich or something. If they don´t want that, I just tell them "I am not giving you money for your drugs, goodbye".

    It´s not THEIR fault that they are where they are. It´s the government´s and society´s fault. Don´t blame it on the poor woman please....

  3. Barbarella, believe me that is not an argument Pewty believes in!

    "Local" "beggars" (the double quote mark's for a reason) aren't really begging as such their chancers after cheap strong booze (I doubt they'd make enough from traipsing round Erith for anything stronger), fag's etc who then act anti-socially and without thought for others. I've got alot experience in this area and sorry but compassion is the last thing to give some of them (and to think I'm the moderate one out of me and Hugh!) Pewty's talking after YEARS of experience of "beggars" in Erith, one New Year he was attacked by one with a knife (or something sharp, can't remember exactly) who I think had been accosted him earlier in the day and he'd ignored or told no to politely. That sorta changes your opinion somewhat!
    Click on my name for a cartoon version of Pewty out and about...

    Mind you I would argue it's the individuals fault mainly not society's.
    Society has a part to play obviously but ultimately we're all sentient beings, yeah life can deal you a bum hand but being ignorant/badly brought up/whatever shouldn't mean your automatically allowed to get away with things! Otherwise by the flipside surly Hugh can argue that as he is a wage earning, bill paying, upright member #snigger# of society he has just the equal right to do whatever he can treat them like dirt.
    No, he's tempered by his regard for society as a whole.
    He doesn't like beggars but he wouldn't dream of accosting them, when they they approach him he's just showing his displeasure which is fine.
    It could be worse, I have aquatances that would happily do a damn sight more than give a beggar some verbal so as strange as it feels to say it Hugh's the most balanced as he shows his displeasure but is restrained by society's conditions where as "beggars" and the like only think of themselves & what they want/need...

  4. Hey, I lived in London for 20 years, I know everything there is to know about beggars, so you don´t need to tell me. However, I have found non-beggars are in the majority of being obnoxious and I have also once been at knifepoint, and NOT by a beggar. So I know all about that too.

    I personally have compassion for anything and anyone that deserves a chance (and this does NOT include chavs), and most beggars do deserve a chance I believe. In comparison, and in my humble views, rapists, child molesters and vicious murderers do NOT deserve a chance.

    But that´s just my views. I wasn´t having a go at Hugh in person. These are simply MY views on the matter(s). ;)

  5. S'ok I was suddenly caught up in a wave of "Pewty-ness", no offince ment!