Monday, October 16, 2006

A house full of people and writer's block.

Pewty Acres, as seen from the other side of Manor Road (the real "road to hell" - as any local will attest). The cage and metal structure in the front garden is the Air Quality Monitoring Unit that I host on behalf of the Environmental Services Department of Bexley Council. They owe me some money at present for the running costs of the unit, as it is plugged into my own electricity supply; the unit itself is worth something in the region of £22,000. My road has the very worst air pollution in the whole of Greater London. I am just trying to do my own little bit to help.

The reason that there has been a little tardy break between posts over the last week is that I have had a minor touch of writer's block; I simply could not think of anything pithy or original to post. I have had no run - ins with the local low lives or incidents of note worth recording, and many seem to think I am at my best when bemoaning Chavs or having a wry whinge at some aspect of the human condition.

Sunday. A very busy day indeed; Colin and Xav came up to do some more work on their old Land Rover - as I have covered in a previous posting. On top of that, my South African friend and fellow radio amateur Henry caused me to temporarily suspend my personal "No, I will not fix your computer" rule. His Windoze PC was infected with 160 viruses, 70 trojans, 110 pieces of spyware and 11 key loggers. I spent all Friday night, and most of Saturday afternoon and evening cleaning it all out, updating his 'Doze XP installation with SP2 and 80 odd patches and updates, installing updated anti virus and firewall solutions; installing Firefox, Opera, Picassa and Open Office (amongst a host of other free and open source applications) and generally cleaning up a very sad PC indeed. Henry - buy a Mac, or let me blitz Windoze and install Linux on your PC; neither of us need the heartache or hassle. Your "get out of jail free" card has now been used. On top of this, Ian and small people Izzy and Ella came around to say hello; naturally I was running around like a headless chicken, trying to ensure that everyone was OK and fed / watered / had kid's TV to watch (delete as applicable).

Long time friend and fellow Inner Sanctum member (if you don't know I am not about to tell you) Roy L has been back in touch - it turns out he has been in contact with a number of old Radio Lumberjack staff - hopefully I will be able to get back into contact with them soon! A big part of my previous life and worthy of a whole post on its' own.

I found the following very impressive video posted online of a quarter scale radio controlled model of an F-14 Tomcat jet fighter (the one featured in "Top Gun"). See what you think below:


  1. That's no air quality device!
    Thats a CLOAKING device! Or a Genesis Ark...
    I think you should stand next to it burning plastics or smoking or summat to add to the effect...although knowing your road it may actually LOWER the toxic levels.

    Click on my name to see whats happening in Sunny-funny Olde don't have to wait 100,000 years!

  2. Oh wow man. I WANT the F-14!!!! (problem is that I would probably crash it straight away...) ;)