Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back to the eighties.

My favourite local pub, the Robin Hood and Little John in Bexleyheath (pictured above - click to enlarge the photograph) has just been nominated Bexley Pub of the Year for a record EIGHT YEARS running by the Bexley branch of CAMRA. A range of eight superbly looked after real ales and wholesome pub food make this a "must try" venue; I cannot recommend it highly enough.

North Kent Medium Wave pirate radio station WNKR are moving frequency next Sunday; they are moving from 1476 KHz down to the old Radio Caroline frequency of 819 KHz.

It feels like we are finally having a 1980's resurgence. In the movies, Rambo is back, and on TV the Bionic Woman is being re-imagined by the team that brought us the awesome BattleStar Galactica remake. And before you ask, yes the new Jaime Sommers is "that bird off EastEnders" - not that I would know or care, being a detester of the soap opera genre. As previously mentioned, I feel that we are now in a new golden age of sci fi and fantasy - and all the better for it.

Check out the MySpace site for Marsh Ruby, an absolutely superb lunchtime venue near Waterloo station in London; for the last couple of years I have supplied them with the chillies for their excellent organic curries (I grow chillies, sweet peppers and other exotic vegetables in my garden) - they also have a conventional website here. Cheap, wholesome and tasty home made curries made with free range, organic ingredients. Hard to beat.

Here is the trailer for the forthcoming movie "John Rambo" - I don't know about you, but to me this looks excellent - a real return to form with Sly Stallone and the action thriller.

I challenged a Chav playing loud music on his mobile phone yesterday; I was on the bus back from a quick visit to the Bluewater shopping centre when the individual fired up his phone to play what sounded like Mandarin Chinese (c)rap over the speaker. Surprisingly when I politely challenged him, he switched it off and apologised. The fact that I was at least a foot taller and five stone bigger than him probably helped. My tweed jacket definitely has an effect too. A little victory and all the sweeter for it.

Two clips from the remake of "The Bionic Woman" for you - feedback via the comments link below if you wish.


  1. I dunno why you just don't MARRY the Robin Hodd and Little John!
    8 YEARS??!
    But I do think someone else needs to win to make them "hungry". I'm a great believer that if someone/thing is a winner for too long they lose the edge...mind you The 'Hood is HEAVEN!
    When we going again??

    WNKR, I hope I can now pick them up! Sadly where I live I just don't get the signal.

    Just to pull you up technically we are having an early 80's revival in fashion and music but 2 of the three shows you mentioned are 1970's!
    I can't see the clips at the moment as am at work but saw a couple briefly yesterday, is it REALLY the Bint from 'Enders? WOW! Good for her!
    Theres supposed to be a remake of the 6 Million Dollar Man with...Jim Carry. Now i like him but I REALLY don't want to see the 6 Million Dollar Man played for gurning laughs.
    Sorry Rambo left me cold although i have a fond memory of III as it was so ludicurus. Actually I'm not a fan of Sly #COUGH..JudgeDredd..COUGH# Stallone at all I hated all the Rocky fillms, mind you Demolition Man's good fun.
    Talking 80's flashbacks I would live to see Red Dawn again: not seen it in summat like 20 years but would like to see a re-make/imagining.

  2. I hate remakes - what a cop-out.
    Why not come up with something NEW?
    What's that? Too much of a gamble?
    How do you think we got to have top shows like "The $6 million man"?

    Thanks for the warning anyway, I'll be sure to avoid this.
    Judging by the clips, the new sound effect for bionic activity isn't a patch on the old one!

  3. If the Robin Hood and Little John is as good as it was years ago,when I used to pop in there for a drink or 7 with my oldest friend Martin, then it deserves to win.