Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sibonetic and the Plumstead Asian Mela.

I popped down to Plumstead Common this afternoon to meet Simon, top bloke, Plumstead Common resident, and writer of the excellent Sibonetic blog. He was running the Plumstead Common Environment Group stall at the Plumstead Asian Mela - the weather was rainy and blustery, and unfortunately this had the effect of keeping much of the crowd away. You can see further photos of the event on my Flickr account here.

One thing I gladly did not see today was something that has really prompted my ire recently is the number of blokes that are wearing culotte style three quarter length cargo trousers. They look just plain WRONG. It seems that the misguided wearers think they are being trendy and cool, when in fact they just look like fashion disaster twonks. BUY THE RIGHT SIZED TROUSERS! They look like they shrank in the wash length but not width ways. Who wants to see your hairy calves - don't flatter yourselves!

I am off to see Genesis at Twickenham in a couple of weeks. I am in two minds about this tour; there are a number of excellent tribute bands that play the old Gabriel era stuff as well if not better than the real band; I am also concerned that Genesis have abandoned their analogue keyboard sound for a cleaner but thinner digital alternative - watch the recent version of Los Endos below - where are the massive bass pedal sounds and huge Mellotron Choirs? This track should sound like the world ending - and on this evidence, the end of the world has been cancelled.

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  1. What Ho!
    Sorry I couldn't come to the Melee (LOL) but what with largest small one being abit colded up I didn't want to make her worse and my day harder plus as you say it was abit wet & blustery so I couldn't be arsed sorting out wet weather gear for my spawns!

    Oh and you forgot to mention about Saturday, thanks for popping down to watch 'Who and then for going out for a beer at the very agreeable Victoria in Belvedere and the curry after (and thank you VERY, VERY much for your generous nature much appreciated), the only thing was when I got home Mrs.ReV had left the keys in the door so I couldn't get in so spent about an hour ringing and knocking and trying to get in till eventually I had to climb up the front garden wall (after 3 can's, 2 double spirits, half a glass of wine and 3 pints..oh and chocked full o' curry) and tap on the bedroom window with the golf umbrella I had with me luckily till she woke up.
    Happy I was not.
    Damp and grumpy I was.

    As for 3/4 length cargo trousers....HEY! I have 2 pairs! Funnily enough I've had nowt but ridicule everytime I've worn them...

    I don't know what to expect from the Genesis concert. Having never sen them before (but being a major fan of the early stuff) I just hope that it's not to "stadium" and its abit different from the last Collins tour. I really hope Hackett and Gabriel can put in an appearance.
    Doubt it though...

    When IS your birthday???