Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sun on a Sunday.

A bit of a different Sunday for me. I went Dad visiting and then joined my Mum and Sister in a visit to the Woodlands Farm Trust on Shooter's Hill. They had a fund raising open day. To be honest it was a bit disappointing - very few of the farm animals on show, and mostly like a big garden fete with lots of stalls. It was very hot as well, and I am not a sun lover. After this we headed down Shooter's Hill to the "We Anchor In Hope" pub (the location of Kate Bush's first ever gig) where I had the lamb kofte kebab salad pictured above. Very nice indeed. You can see more photos on my Flickr site here.

Why do railway station security announcements still tell people to look out for abandoned suspect packages? We are not living in the 1970's / 1980's - it is not the IRA with their conventional terrorist bombing campaigns we need to be wary of; it is the sweaty and nervous looking bearded bloke with weird ideas and a rucksack or bulky body warmer we now need to fear. Time for the railways to recognise this - and at the same time stop referring to the public as "customers" - we are PASSENGERS! rant over (for now).

I have had a great deal of positive feedback regarding the photographs I took at last week's FarnFest - in fact as a result of the shots, I have been commissioned to photograph two bands. It should be a good experience. I used to be a very keen amateur photographer, though I have lapsed for the last few years. This should give me the incentive to take it up again.

Ian's main band Xenon are playing at the Slade Green social club next Saturday night; it will be a tad more intimate than the large scale concert at Farnborough where he last played. I plan on getting there early with my camera to photo them setting up and larking around before the gig - think a cut price version of the Beatles and "Let it Be". I am a big fan of the Italian journalist and iconic rock photographer Armando Gallo and would like my own stuff to be in the same vein - fat chance though.

Fellow Blogger, long time Plumstead resident, and all round good egg Simon has made some pertinent and deservedly barbed comments about the financial services industry in the UK - something I can heartily agree with. You can view his latest postings here.


  1. Hugh,
    just a quickie as I need a bath pronto, Quite agree, get sick and tired of people using the wrong word for things, it's PASSENGERS. Customers buy products, railway companies transport passengers.

  2. Only you could take a picture of your dinner then say "You can see more photos on my Flickr site.."!
    I was going to take the kids to the Farm too but to be honest I started to get a really weird headache and by this morning my eyes have swollen up and I can't see straight, I'm sensitive to light, sick and GOD the pain, THE PAIN!
    No seriosuly it hurts like hell and I'd be tempted to say it was a migraine but I don't get them.

    Oh and Kate Bush's 1st gig wasn't in "We Anchor In Hope" but some pub in Lewisham. It was her brothers local though as far as I understand.

    Your right why does EVERY companay INSIST on calling anyone who uses their services "customers". It bugs me no end, Hospitals have patients, in my job we have claimants and trains/buses have passengers. SIMPLE.
    Its obviously some middle manager somewhere trying to make an impact at his annual aprasal at the expense of basic English.

    The Xenon gig ISN'T Slade Green but Valley Road by Franks Park, "The Pom-Pom" between Belvedere and Erith. It's ok, just your bog standard workingmans club (so no decent beers), surprisingly clean though!
    Sorry goind to have to stop, can't focus on the screen!
    DAMN my EYES!

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