Sunday, July 29, 2007

Erith on a Sunday afternoon and Pakistani Prog Rock.

My second posting of the weekend. Wonders will never cease. I took a stroll around town and took a few photos of the jetty behind Morrison's car park - according to Wikipedia, it is the longest pier on the River Thames. Click on any photograph for a larger version.

This weeks' whinge is very specific; web sites that don't allow you to view their content before signing up - FaceBook is a prime contender. It is like being in W.H Smith and not being allowed to flick through a magazine before buying it - how do you know if you want to participate if you have not got an idea of the contents? On top of that, you get asked for personal details. I know several of my friends and work colleagues have signed up with FaceBook, but I am buggered if I will.

Thanks to Alan and Debbie I will be seeing Rush at Wembley Arena in October with them.

Whilst the great unwashed have been thumbing though the final Barry Rotter pot boiler (I have a vision of many furrowed brows and tongues poking out the side of mouths), I have just finished reading a rather more demanding novel called Altered Carbon; a really high concept sci fi detective story that could well be made into a movie as big as The Matrix.

Isn't the World Wide Web a wonderful thing? I was surfing around last night, and came across the website of a Pakistani Prog Rock band called Mizraab - you can hear one of their tracks here; I have not got a clue what they are singing about, but it sounds good to me. Check out a couple of their videos below.

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  1. OOoooh we are at home to Mr.Grumpy ain't we?
    You were the one that got me into Barry Trotter, I MEAN Harry Potter! Ok it was the Chamber Of Secrets so it was early on before EVERYONE jumped on the bandwagon but you gotta admit they're great books and a fantastic shared experience. Ok she's not a great writer necessarily but not a bad read and thourgly enjoyable. I can happily pick holes in the books but overall some of the most ENJOYABLE reading I've ever had. Going to miss the series now its gone.
    While we away a little girl almost spoilt the ending for Mrs.Rev by blerting out what happens to the titular Mr.Potter.
    "Altered Carbon; a really high concept sci fi detective story that could well be made into a movie as big as The Matrix" Yeah but The Marix was only good for the first film otherwise it was a complete waste of CGI!

    I love the pier. Often go for a walk down there at least once a week. Who'd a thunk that a peir wout help improve Erith? I thought only a tactical nuke was the only solution…

    Rush…Hmmm. LOVE some of their songs but Geddy Lee's voice grates on me 99% of the time also some of their later stuff is just plain dull (Roll The Bones for instance). Techinaly brilliant but as a SONG?

    I COMPLETELY agree about the Facebook/Myspace argument. I've got a myspace account and I like what it does but the fact its only other myspacers that can see it is a pain the arse. Buggered if I'm going to have mysace AND facebook. Got to improve my web-fu so I can get my own site up and running. As for having to give personal info to set up a myspace or the like do what I do. Bullshit.