Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've been Simpsonised!

Well, here is what I apparently look like as a Simpson's character; I'd be interested to hear what you think - click on the Comments link at the bottom of this posting to send me your thoughts. If you would like to see what you too would look like as a Simpson's character, have a look here.

There was an excellent article in today's Times concerning the general public's attitude and reaction to antisocial behaviour - and I have to say that it coincides somewhat with my own views and (now well known) opinions - read the article here.

Some local Chav scrotes have made it into infamy as the killers of a fine upstanding Erith man; they are now standing trial for it at the Old Bailey. With any luck they will be sent down for a very long time. You can read the sad and worrying details here.

And now, an American video clip showing what people power can do against a bad guy - the following video capture is nearly seven minutes long, and would appear to be shot pretty much in real time, so it can be a little slow in parts (this is real, not Hollywood edited). See what happens when a knife wielding robber sets upon the innocent employees of a small convenience store - things don't quite go as the robber had planned.....


  1. Simpsons-Not quite how I imagine you from your pics

    Erith murder- depressing reading that this morning. I was there on Saturday enjoying watching Erith Town v Welling United. I'll be on the lookout for murderous children next time.

    Video - people power? more like person power. the man in the white shirt is the star. He shakes the hand of blue shirt man whose major contribution seemed to be fannying about with handkerchiefs. The man who dawdles into his jeep and drives off leaving white shirt hero to struggle -I could imagine myself not jumping into the fray but leaving the scene completely?

  2. Hmmm...not sure about the Simpson of you, i'll have a play with it and see what i can do. It's almost there just not quiiite you.

    That erith murder is so depressing. The bloke was walking along minding his own business and these scumbags chucked rocks at him. bloody stupid, I hope they get to have to bend over in the shower in prison without the aid of the soap...

    Can't watch the video at work, have a gander tonight!

  3. Simpson's character: Nothing like you, too much hair, your almost a slap head. And the smile, you don't smile and you always look like a misery-guts !
    Just my opinion

    Erith murder: Who would want to go there ?......Yuk !

    The Video: Oh dear, a bit lefty innit ? Thought they would have tied him up and then cut bits off of him with his own knife......very slowly :>) That's what I would have done.