Sunday, September 02, 2007

Morrison's and Maserati

Allen brought round his immaculate Maserati 4200 Cambio Corsa, along with Ian and Dieter last night. Dieter is visiting from Australia and it was great to see him - an all too infrequent occurrence nowadays. I took the photos above (please click on any of them for a larger version) outside my house and in the car park of Morrison's round the corner from my gaff. A few Chavs with a barried up Citroen Saxo passed by but did not stop - they knew they had been royally trumped. You can see a complete photo set on my Flickr page here.

I am working up to a new rant on the state of the Tunnel of Doom; I went out early this morning to take some new photographs of the graffiti and general mess of the place. Watch this space for developments.

1 comment:

  1. Ah you and that car!
    I think you should have done with it and marry the damn thing!
    Mind you I imagine the sex would be good…

    It was a good night although to my shame I'm afraid I blew chunks just as Allen dropped me home. Still I must admit at least I managed to wait until I got home and not in the car!