Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sculptures and setting.

I took these photos yesterday at the Royal Arsenal site at Woolwich. This surreal art installation is a permanent part of the residential redevelopment, and I like it a lot. It reminds me of the work of Storm Thorgerson - the designer responsible for much of the Pink Floyd album artwork. Click on any photo for a larger version.

Some serious stuff now; I am saddened to report the death of Kevin Beckingham, younger brother of Peter, a close friend whilst I was at school. I had not seen either bloke for close on twenty years, but I was deeply shocked to hear of his callous and brutal murder. You can read the story at the News Shopper website here.

Wasps. What do they do and what are they for? I cannot think of a more completely useless creature. They are the only living thing that I will kill at the first opportunity. They only live to sting. I must admit that I am a bit phobic of them (well, a lot phobic actually). If they were to disappear overnight, would the World be any the worse off? I think not.

The story earlier this week relating to the girl who put her feet on the seat opposite on a local train rings with me - as you may know, this is a big hobby horse of mine. Train staff should be issued with Tasers, along with the Police and any other public servant who has to deal with Chavs and the general criminal underclass. On a similar note, I can report that I have successfully challenged several smokers who have lit up in now banned areas; as long as one keeps things civil, you generally get a constructive response and they put it out. Me being a tweed jacketed 6'3" and wearing a pair of steel toe capped size 12 rigger boots tends to help as well.

I have added oodles of new photographs to my Flickr site; please feel free to view and leave comments as appropriate. Apologies work colleagues, this site is blocked by policy - you will have to visit from your home computer.


  1. Wot ho Pewty!
    Nice piccys! Very 70's classic rock album cover.

    God you and wasps...BWHAHA!
    Glad you haven't been round mine for abit as we've had the beginnings of a wasps nest so have had hundreds buzzing about for the past few weeks (a quick burst of 2 cans of Wasp killer later and all's quiet, I just hope they're all gone). Never forget the scene of you and a wasp IN THE SAME car.
    I nearly wet meself!
    Mind you I'm not great with spiders but at least I have a reason for that (being 8 years old visiting family in Oz and being held down and having aload of hand sized spiders dumped on my face by your almost feral Australian cousins, scared me for life!)
    Actually when I first read the Blog I misread Wasps as "WALES What do they do and what are they for?" (ah the joys of dyslexia), maybe that's a topic for your next Blog?

    I too was sad to hear about Kevin's brutal murder. I only knew him from school and think I was 50/50 nice/mean to him but what a horrible thing to happen, I just hope the murderer gets used as a sex toy while he's in prison. What's not widely reported is that the murderer said when trying to cover his tracks that Kevin was abusing children that's why he'd killed him which of course this wasn't true so not only did he kill the poor bloke he tried to besmirch his name after he'd left him dead for a month in his flat.
    No a sex toy is too good, I hope he does the decent thing and kills himself. Sorry but in certain cases I become a Daily Mail reader.

    On a happier note I've been on the receiving end of the Full Force of Pewty (or F.F.o.P as I like to call it, imagine an 80's action film trailer type voice when you say it…"The FUULL FOOOORCE of PEWTYYYY!", see it works but I digress) whenever I've gone on a train with you.
    I dunno why but my feet ALWAYS gravitate to the seat, I can't help it! Maybe there should be some sorta slipper socks you can put over your shoes available on the train?

    Where did you find that video?
    I know there's a programme on English cooking for India (basically the idea is that English food shouldn't be looked at as bland but as the flavour of the ingredients or something like that) on one of the Sky channels, was it from that? One of the sauces looks suspiciously like mint sauce.
    Mint sauce with a full English?
    Either that or the video is to show Chav's how to cook instaed of take-away...

  2. Sorry to hear about the death of one of your old school friends.
    I wonder if the murderer was home grown, or one which NU-Labour
    has imported for us ?? Hang him high and let him swing I say !

    WASPS ? Oh please, get a life.

    I don't travel by pubic transport much, three or four times a year maybe, but when I do it's mostly members of the ethnic community I see with their feet on the seats. (Just an observation)
    I feel sorry for the working class people who have to go through that
    cattle system of transportation everyday.

    Good to know you are keeping the smokers in check and that being
    a member of NU-Labour's 'Starsi' has given you some meaning to your life.
    I wonder if you are one of those people who cough very loudly and wave your arm's around like a windmill when you pass a smoker in the street ?
    Have you noticed how pubs now smell of BO, stale perfume and old food.
    It's not a pleasant environment in which to enjoy a pint, is it ?


  3. "Mr.W" keeping the Daily Mail a daily newspaper since 1953....

    I wonder if you find it difficult to pull off once on a roundabout? I mean that would involve going LEFT!
    Mind you thinking Pewty is a Nu-Labour 'Starsi' it damn funny, you could not be more wrong. He's just a grumpy bugger!

  4. Bad about your old school friend's brother, very bad - there seems to be a whole new strand of "preying on the vulnerable" murders and "befriendings" that are anything but. I am part of the problem to be honest. The older I get the more closed off I become from people - fearing or doubting the intentions of the stranger especially if they are slightly unusual and I will continue to become like that as will many others. Where does that leave the vulnerable? Friendless in the big bad world-integrated into society in word only and not in deed. If integration means it's at least two weeks before one of your official carers (presumably from Social Services) finds your body you have to question the general drift in policy.

    There has to be some overseen place of safety that avoids both drab institutionalism and the sink or swim survivalism of the present situation.

    A tragic end for Peter. May he rest in peace now.