Sunday, September 16, 2007

The World in black and white.

At Alan's suggestion, I took some gig photos in black and white last night, as a bit of an experiment. I am quite pleased with the results - click on any of them for a larger version. The full portfolio of both colour and monochrome images can be viewed on my Flickr site here. Xenon were featured on BBC Radio Kent last night on their unsigned band spot. Ian and the band are understandably pleased.

I have recently had some comments on this Blog relating to my alleged political views; contrary to the anonymous poster, I am certainly not a member of "Nu Labour". I don't use this Blog as a platform for any kind of politics - I am, as Ian has said, merely a grumpy old sod. You can always tell when a politician (of any party) is lying - their lips are moving....

Have you noticed how TV repair shops are going the way of white dog poo? Something you don't see any more. The only existing repair shop I am aware of locally is the one between Bostal Heath and Plumstead High Street, and I am not sure what kind of business it does nowadays. TV's are much more reliable now, and don't really have serviceable parts like they used to; and as we head towards a World with all flat screen technology, the humble repair shop seems to be on the way out. A shame, but what can you do?

A new service from Blogger is Blogger Play - you can view uploaded photos in near to real time from Bloggers all over the world - see it here.

Here is a short documentary on Amateur Radio; OK, it is from an American perspective, but everything it talks about is absolutely true in the UK too.

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  1. Thanks again for taking the photo's Mr.P. I've cropped and cleaned up some and if you go to our band myspace site you can see some of them on the front page as part of a slideshow.

    The Comments on the track played on Radio Kent are great we've trounced the other two bands so far! be intetrested to see if we get much traffic on the website. We had 40 hits in a day and ahalf so not too bad!

    Yeah and as i commented on in a previous Blog, your asexual.
    SORRY! Apolitical!

    #Sigh# Tv repair shops.
    Like most things these days we're encoraged to throw away and buy new. there is another one over in Dartford and he's great, hooky Sky cards etc he's also as mad as a box of frogs. As for white dog poo I read it was something to do with food additives...