Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two days, two gigs.

The second gig of the weekend, and my second blog posting; Ian's band Xenon played at the decidedly less than packed to the rafters Erith Working Men's Club. Still, they got paid anyway. A great set and nice to see them showcasing some new material. Their Myspace page is here (warning loud music). You can see the entire portfolio of their gig photographs again at my Flickr site here.

I have just found out that my local area of Erith and Slade Green is heavily polluted with industrial asbestos. On top of the horrendous air pollution I have previously discussed, this is just another environmental disaster. You can read about the pollution here.

I have found someone who is a person after my own heart in respect of values and life experience - even if he does not really exist - see what I mean here.

I have had several readers of the Maggot Sandwich enquire as to why I have not shown the infamous and widely discussed spoof Chav hunting video. My initial response was that I did not wish to be seen jumping on the media bandwagon. It would appear that many readers have still not seen the video in question, so I feel it is my public duty to comply. Comments below if you please.


  1. "Ian's band Xenon played at the decidedly less than packed to the rafters Erith Working Men's Club"-Oi!
    I take umbridge at that Pewty!
    I recon' there was about 50/60 people which ain't bad. It just looks like nowt when the hall hold about 300+!
    Take Fluff's gig the night before in The Ship (West Street,Erith GREAT pub!) they're licenced for 120 max inc' the garden and I'd have said there was about 50 people but the whole pub isn't even the size of the stage and the first lot of seating in the Club.

    The story about asbestos was plastered across the local rags last week (strange that in an area that the storys about you don't actually get the paper!). Is asbestos linked to caases of grumpiness and Blog rantage??
    Just wondered...

  2. oh i wish legalise uzis