Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Home for Christmas.

I don't normally publish personal or "home" photos, but as it is the festive season, here are a few shots taken over the last few days. Click on any of them for a larger view. Shirley came up to stay, and you can see the results above. Photos one and three were taken at my place (sometimes jokingly referred to as "Pewty Acres") - the middle shot was taken in my Mum's spacious living room when we went up for a pre Christmas lunch and present exchange. Just for once the photos are uploaded onto my Flickr account, but for reasons best known to me, they have been set as private and you won't be able to see them without a password.

The normal grumpy , vindictive and moaning service will be resumed shortly. You have been warned!

Update - it could not last. Something that has just come to my attention. Chavs have now escalated the council estate arms race. Not only do they fight their ugly, illegal and vicious pit bull terriers, but they now also fit them with armour to increase their chances in combat - you can view the pit bull armour site here. I could not make this up!

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