Sunday, April 06, 2008

Drains and No Love Remains.

During our meeting with the guys from WNKR last week at the Bexley Beer Festival, they gave me a very swish customised QSL card which you can see in the two photos above. I was extremely chuffed to say the least - thanks chaps! Click either image to see a larger version.

My drains decided to back up at the beginning of this week - one of my neighbours had apparently a lot of solid cooking fat stuck in their branch of the foul drainage - it then backed up to my end; fortunately I have insurance to cover such an eventuality. It was truly horrible, and although I did take photos of the clearing process, I shall not share them with you - I took them just as cover in case of a dispute with my insurers. I still have a back patio that looks like the result of a chemical warfare experiment, and I need to borrow a pressure washer to make the area good. Suffice to say that currently the area has a "distressed toilet paper" motif. The flurry of snow today was most welcome - it hid the mess quite admirably.

Check out my Flickr photo site. Ian and I took some photos of Dartford based rock band No Love Remains - unfortunately the lighting at the venue was absolutely atrocious and I have had to rescue quite a lot of the photos using iPhoto on my Mac, so some do look a little on the artificial side. I hope to upgrade to Aperture 2 when I get my new Mac.

I am looking forward to this Friday; I have booked the day off work as I have a handyman coming round to replace my disintegrating garden fence with a custom built new one, along with a new (lockable) gate. Various local kids have used the current fence to play football against, and it has taken the inevitable toll. It was pretty cheap and nasty to be honest, and I am surprised it has lasted as long as it has.

This weeks' video clip is of a bloke who has built a half sized, working replica of a WWII German Tiger tank to go paint balling in - only in America...

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