Sunday, April 27, 2008

The origin of the Maggot Sandwich.

Click on the photo above for a larger version; this is one of my pet peeves - a leaflet that came through my letter box earlier this week, one of an increasingly duplicitous and worrying nature from a commercial clothes redistribution company. The leaflet never says that it is anything to do with a charity collection - but it does (to my mind) imply it very strongly - the design, layout and wording bring to mind the commendable works of organisations such as the Red Cross and Mencap. I get a lot of these things spammed through my front door, and I am sure that many hard of thinking people "donate" clothes and other goods to what are fully commercial companies exploiting the good will of the unsuspecting public. What they are doing is completely legal, yet totally immoral. Personally I donate my unused goods that are in good order to the Ellenor Foundation - a Dartford based hospice for both children and adults.

WNKR are now streaming their entertaining and varied programming content 24/7 in 128 kilobit / second stereo - you can find their website here.

I have uploaded a few more photographs onto Flickr - you can find them here.

I am now getting well over a thousand hits on the Maggot Sandwich each week - not bad for something I was unsure was going to last for more than a few postings, back in July 2006. Until now I have never revealed where the name for my Blog came from - something I now intend to remedy. Back in 1987 I was a callow youth with wide eyes, big hair and ambition - which had yet to be beaten out of me by experience. I had a show on Bexleyheath based pirate radio station Radio Lumberjack and my on - air pseudonym was Arthur Pewty (after the ineffectual character in a Monty Python sketch). My show was called the Maggot Sandwich - something dreamed up by myself and fellow presenter Bongo - and the rest is history.

This weeks' video clip comes from Garth Merenghi's Darkplace - a music video "I'm a one track lover". Ahem.

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  1. I totaly agree!
    Mind you I always though charity Shops to put this gently?
    But since i've been in the one's in Weymouth I've found some amazing bargins be they books, CD's or just tat. They also do a great line in fancy dress strangly..but back to what you were saying these companys never seem to be seen. I've seen neighbours leave stuff out and it still be there till bin-men day.
    The only thing I'd like to donate to Easten Europian countries is eithe in the 10 Megaton range or if it's dark haired green eyed Albanian beauties bodily
    Glad to hear the 'Sandwich it getting a thousand bites a week, thems alot of maggot munchers!
    It's funny I didn't rememeber your show being called the Maggot Sandwich. The Jan hammer music and your timing as you read out the show times but not the name of the show.

    Garth Merenghi's darkplace is VERY under rated, love the eyeball kid and the "scotch" ghosts.