Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oxleas of the Holy?

Plantar Fascitis – That is what I have been suffering from for the last week and a bit. It is a form of Tendonitis affecting the tendons that run along the underside of the foot. I went to see my GP and she pretty much rubber stamped my self diagnosis. The wonders of the Internet! I am on the mend now, though my left foot is still pretty swollen, though it does not hurt nearly as much as it did. Apparently it is brought on by RSI (repetitive strain injury) - probably from my habit of haring up and down underground escalators; I do tend to use the tube a fair bit, especially when travelling to and from Watford. Yes, I do detest the Northern line with a vengeance.

I recently stumbled upon the Flickr photo site of a local chap called Steve, who is very interested in local history; he's documenting and photographing all aspects of the London Borough of Bexley; I have left comments on quite a number of his photos, which you can view here. It does seem that in this on-line world, photographs are far less valued and preserved than they were. It takes insight and forethought to preserve what is happening now for the future. I hope more people do the same before now is lost. Modern digital media is far too ephemeral and easily lost.

Erith seems to be the home of the tattoo; I feel somewhat isolated in being apparently the sole Erith resident who is un-inked. Personally I cannot abide this form of personal mutilation; I think tattoos are ugly and unnecessary, and speak negative volumes for those who sport them. It would appear that I am in the local minority in this respect. I just cannot understand the motivation of people who wish to damage and despoil their bodies – and the same stands true of those devotees of piercing – each to their own, but the mindset completely escapes me.

On a somewhat predictable level, I am sat in my favourite seat, in my favourite place, supping a cool pint of Everard's Tiger – an aromatic and smooth real ale. The usual suspects are propping up the bar, discussing the forthcoming Grand Prix, though I have yet to see the Le Monde crossword guy. I am, armed with a set of ear buds, listening to Julian and Sandy holding forth from my Ubuntu Linux laptop – ripped into Ogg Vorbis audio format, from a CD I was given for my recent birthday. My trusty Dell D600 is getting somewhat long in the tooth now; I am getting tempted by the new sub notebook sized Linux based computers that are now coming onto the market. I think an investment is possibly on the cards – it would be ideal, with such a small form factor and long battery life - especially when I am blogging away from home, as today.

By the way, in case you were wondering what the somewhat surreal photo at the top of this posting is, it was taken by me at last weeks' music event in Oxleas Wood, as documented by me in my last blog entry. The photo has been extensively modified by me using Aperture 2 - more of a case of "I wonder what this control does?" Than any systematic approach - I think that the end result is suggestive of the album over of "Houses of the Holy". More by luck than judgement I concede. Click on the photo for a larger version.

WNKR are broadcasting a medium wave signal on 1476 KHz that is now being received over a large part of Western Europe every weekend, as well as their world wide online audio stream.

Here is a real gem of late 80's hair metal. I reckon that there was an individual hole in the ozone layer above each member of the band due to the industrial quantity of hair spray involved - let's hear it for Vixen. What were they thinking?

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  1. What an enjoyable Blog this week around!
    Not that they aren't usually but this really seemed to sparkle on first reading.
    Enough of the praise...

    I've had the same problem with my tendons in the past and put it down to 2 pairs of new shoes I was wearing in. It's really painful as even when you don't stand on it hurts, you've got to really have it raised up.

    I love local history, find it fascinating. Always thought our local area was as dull as dishwater but once you start digging there's alot more than you expect like the huge boat crash in the 1900's where almost a 100 people died.
    Had a quick look-see at the photo's and it's the sorta thing I've been doing (I'm on a much smaller scale though) over the past 5 years. Interesting to see comparative photos in say 5, 10, 20 years. I agree that with phone and digital cameras media content is alot more ephemeral BUT in saying that I always had an interest in photography ("Oooer!" Nudge-nudge-wink-wink) but when I was younger I couldn't afford either the camera, the processing or the films but with digital you can take 200+ photos and learn your way rather than sweating that you have to try and get it right first time but now everyone can take as many photos as they want and get to play with them.
    LOVE the "Shooters Hill Of The Holy" photo, very unusual. Looks almost like it's been photo shopped by components.

    Trying to imagine you with tatt's.
    A nice nutty spiders web tattoo right across your face or "I've met Nicholas Parsons" written across your forehead!
    Know what you mean, at the grand old age of 36 I seem to be in the minority of white men in Erith who don't have their skin inked in some way. I do like tattoo's but personally as I'm a big comic fan I could never decide what I'd want on my skin permanently. I imagine if I started I'd end up being covered. I have 3 piercing, 2 in my left ear and a closed up eyebrow but have no interest in getting anything done. HATE the "style" of enlarged holes in ears looks 'ruddy naff and bloody stupid.
    Have found that I am leaning towards having my children's names tattooed on me somewhere (arm, shoulder or shin) but then I sober up.
    The drummer for Xenon has just gone Tatt' mad (he already had both his arms covered) and had a 30cm+ Jack Nicholson in full The Shining mode done between his shoulder blades. It's...well as the tattooist said as he finished "That's the first time I've done a face..."
    Not what you wnat to hear...
    Mind you the bassist Joe had a Rush 2112 tattoo on the inside of his arm.
    One thing I do detest is women with tattoo's, not my thing at all.
    Although the burlesque Suicide Girls type thing does give me the MAJOR horn bizarrely…

    Ah Vixen.
    They did for music what Joey Deacon did for the 1 minute mile.