Sunday, April 12, 2009

Now and then.

Now and then; the upper photo shows the hateful Fish Sculpture on the roundabout that joins Fraser Road and Bexley Road in the centre of Erith. The image was captured from Google Street View. The second image is a historical map of Erith and surrounding areas from around 1800. How things have changed. Click on either image for a substantially larger view.

I see that local company Erith Construction are being featured by Google as an example of a corporation that use Google Apps in a commercial setting. You can view a video presentation by their director of IT here. Incidentally, their head office building is what used to be Erith Job Centre.

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The Robin Hood & Little John (see photo above) has been voted Bexley pub of the year 2009 by CAMRA. This is the tenth year running that it has won the award; though most of the local pubs are pretty woeful, and it is a bit like a Formula One team entering a banger race. Talking of CAMRA, the Bexley Beer festival runs from Next Thursday to Saturday evening at Sidcup Sports Centre. You can read all of the details here.

WNKR are having a mammoth eleven show broadcast over the Easter holidays. They also broadcast 24 / 7 world wide over the internet - details here.

I read an advert in a recent copy of Radcom; it was a request by a chap who is doing independent research into nuclear fusion. Please bear in mind that Radcom is a respected and scholarly publication dedicated to amateur radio engineering and theory, I was most surprised to read what sounded like the work of a nutcase. If the chap has discovered something new, then I will be most surprised. You can read about his work online by clicking here. I am no expert, but it does look very much like the bloke is a couple of transistors short of a circuit.

Walking along Broadwater Road in Plumstead yesterday, I watched a young and spotty chav on an illegal mini moto bike. he rode it flat out along the wrong side of the road, minus helmet or protective gear, swerving all over the place and making a complete menace of himself; he then made a sudden turn into Allenby Road; a quiet residential close. he then almost ran head first into a Toyota Camry that was coming the other way. He swerved, still on the wrong side of the road and missed the car by inches. I was half hoping for a spectacular smash, but would not have wanted to see the car splattered with the scrotes' internal organs. All in all, he got off very lightly. Here's hoping to the next time.

Pewty Acres is due a makeover this spring; I am hoping to replace all of the windows; the existing ones have seen better days; indeed the window in my home office cannot be opened as the hinges have snapped through metal fatigue. I am hoping that I can get a few decent quotes for the work. I have decided that some money I have sat, earning bugger all interest in the bank would be better employed being used to improve the house. Any recommendations as to potential suppliers would be welcomed.

Something of a change this week; no embedded video clip - rather something more interactive. The much publicised Google Street View has recently photographed Nuxley Road in Upper Belvedere. Have a virtual tour around the village with the embedded viewer below, starting outside the best pub in the village - the Royal Standard.

View Larger Map


  1. Hi Hugh, how are you spending this Sunday? It looks you have been busy with the google. I feel relieved that tthere are otehr people who hate the Fish monument on the roundabout. I though we had finished with it when it was destroyed by a drunk driver, but it is back even more glossy! I really like the olf pub in Belvedere, what a beautiful building, thaks for that picture. I like visiting old pubs, I wish we have pubs like that in Poland, but most of them are very new and stylised as Irish pubs, whatever it means, they all serve green bear which I have never seen anywhere in the Uk. But I am not a big beer drinker, maybe that's why. I am collecting maps of Plumstead at the moment. There are a couple on the web, but not so many. I love maps! Can you see your house on google? Marta

  2. It must be sad to live somewhere where the pubs, save one, are not that brilliant.

  3. The Fish sculpture?
    I'm actually in two minds now about the sculpture.
    I don't liiiike it as such but I don't dislike it. Yeah its abit garish but I prefer to have SOMETHING rather than an empty roundabout. Art it ain't and good art is defiantly ain't BUT it's a talking point and people have feeling over it so does it successes at it job?
    Again Hmmm...
    I'm finding it very difficult to get my bearings on the old map, not sure where the church near Belvedere woods (?) is it All Saint's?

    I can't see the thing on Erith Construction but "proud" a local business stays locally tied. As for their office I used to work in there briefly when it was the Jobcentre.
    God it was grim light and horrible grim-faced people.
    And that was just the staff!

    That's a GREAT photo of the Robin Hood bar, its really evocative of a PROPER English pub (although it's empty). dark but not dingy, decent beers on...#sigh#
    Mind you it winning the Bexley CAMRA pub of the year is alittle like shooting fish in a barrel. I like the pub but it's too small and PERSONALLY never found it that friendly. Not UNfriendly just, they take your money and that's it. Maybe cos I'm spoilt by the pubs of Weymouth (of with at least 5 are on par or higher in the beer quality stakes) and friendlier to boot but then I suppose that cos it's not in London but they also they have nicer surroundings/interiors.
    Wanna write a Maggot Sandwich review of the pubs of Weymouth?? COME ON DOWN SOMETIME!
    Anyway I'll be at the Bexley Beerfest. I'll be the one either singing loudly or blinking slowly...come and ask to see my new scar…as long as your not squeamish.

    WNKR ROCK but when are they gonna get some t-shirts or even badges and bumper stickers out there? People will only listen if they know the station exists, they seem to be preaching to the converted at the mo'.
    But the being a pirate means you gotta keep a low-ish profile, its catch 22.

    Kids on bikes driving dangerously with no crash helmet.
    You gotta love it.
    It's natures way of thinning out Chav's.
    There was that accident with two kids near you a year or so ago. Two kids riding motorbikes on a derelict half falling down site, what could possibly go wrong?
    Now I was a terror as a kid BUT I wasn't dumb enough to do things without safety precautions.
    Although we did once cover an old motorbike in lighter fluid make a nether region protection "cup" out of tin foil and bent metal as we wanted to make a ridable flaming motorbike...GREAT idea but all that happened was the bike went WOOOSH and the seat melted abit. No-one was brave enough to sit on it first lighting.
    Dumb but we'd at least given SOME thought to safety!

    Nice embed but how do you move in on from out the front of the Standard?

  4. I think the review of pubs by Hugh is a great idea! I will invite him to POland too! We have some great pubs but they are not in the same style as here. the tradition is more medieval in Poland, like old inns, but they are now adjusted to postmodern style which does not bring always good effects:)