Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hollywood meets the River Medway.

Here's the photo from last Saturday night - after the life affirming trip in Alan's Maserati. This is where the tag "grinning like a loon" came from. And yes, I know I needed a haircut. I got one yesterday from my usual hairdresser Liam. Top cutter and a very funny bloke. I wish I had his waistline.
I have been messing around with Gimp trying to remove the red eye, but I ended up looking even worse than when I started, so here is the original, unretouched version taken with Ian's mobile telephone thing (and don't worry - a prime rant on mobile telephones is coming soon - you have been forewarned!).
I just spoke to Colin on the Admiral Jellicoe on 2 metres VHF with my Icom IC 207 - it beats using the phone; apparently Woody Allan is making a new movie in the UK, starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell. They are using the boat yard where Colin and Danni's trawler is moored as a principal location; filming starts tomorrow morning. I will post any photos of note as I get them.

1 comment:

  1. I honestly thought Pewty was going to wet himself during the drive.
    Thought he's need to have surgery to have the smile removed from his face..
    The photo's were taken on my new Sony Erricson k800i 3.2 megapix digital camerphone, it's grat but the flash isn't grat outside unfortunatly.
    Also i was slightly more than half cut.

    I agree it's a lovly car and Allen has always had "interesting" vehicels, if I remember rightly he started with a Thomas 50cc moped at 17 then had a selection of Lada's, an FSO, a Skoda 135 (?) Rally Spec & a Citron to THIS!