Monday, October 02, 2006

Scams, scumbags and some thoughtful kindness.

Above is a hilariously customised asthmatic shopping car that I photographed whilst parked in the car park of Morrisons, just around the corner from my house in sunny Erith a week or so ago. The owner, is, I suspect, a member of staff of the aforesaid company and irrefutably a festering Chav to boot. A salutary lesson in why the lower classes should not indulge in trade. The only thing this conveyance shares in terms of class and style is that it is painted in approximately the same colour as Allen's Maserati.

I was accosted by yet another aggressive beggar on the tube between Euston and London Bridge this afternoon, on my way to visit my Dad. I gave the same response as before, challenging the scumbag, and loudly informing the tourists on board of the fraudulent nature of the so called beggar. He walked off, realising he was not on to a winning ticket. Git.

Mum has received some very thoughtful and considered advice on dad's deteriorating condition from the newly formed Lewy Body Dementia / Multiple System Atrophy web site - the web master has Emailed her with some very kind advice and constructive sympathy. They are just setting up and I will be giving them my full support. A short entry on the condition can be found here.

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