Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Small people and engineering.

Left to right, Izzy and Ella; taken by their Dad Ian whilst on holiday on the Isle of Wight last week. By all accounts, Ella is heading for a career in engineering; after successfully diagnosing the problem with Colin's Mitsubishi Pajero in the previous Blog posting. She said "It must be the battery" and it was. Colin had left the ignition on with the H/T coil powered up all day whilst working on the Land Rover and the battery had gone flat. Ian brought Ella round to my place in their MPV to jump start the Mitsubishi. Ella knows that electronic toys stop working when they need new batteries, and surmised the same for big boy's toys - and coincidentally hit the nail on the head.

Here is a bit of live Pink Floyd for your entertainment:

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  1. Kids say the funniest things! - Vol 1:

    After sneezing over her fav' Bear "Daddy Bearbie has nose all over him! YUK!"

    Her sister at 7 months old is just starting to be mobile and lays on her front while lifting her head up looking at the world for the first time.. then Ella shouts "Izzy a pony!!!", before leaping on her shouting "Clip! Clop!" and queue screams from Izzy and of "NO!" from Mrs.ReV...

    When we get abit stressy and are maybe abit short or abrupt with Ella she says "Don't worry, be patient" in a very calm voice (which is what we say to her when she pesters us for chocolate or whatever) and takes your hand, funny thing for a 2.5 year old to say!

    Anything smashed/torn/broken/chewed beyond repair, Ella: "Don't worry Daddy fix it" then went told no it can't be fixed says "Don't worry, be patient" (as above) "it needs new batteries".

    Oh and calling Cybermen "naughty robots" is quite amusing especially as they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

    Mind you the best one is when she hears Hugh's name mentioned in conversation, she giggles puts her hand over her mouth and laughs "AUNTIE Who!", no idea where she got this from but she thinks it's pantwettingly funny. Maybe Uncle Damien had a hand?...